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Is there pain after hair transplant surgery?

Asked by passion_plusblack (8points) November 29th, 2012

I want to go for hair transplant surgery, but I am afraid of post surgery pain.

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There is some sort of discomfort after any surgery. Hair transplants deal with superficial cutting..on the skin..rather than invasive. A paper cut hurts, so does a splinter or a jab from a rose thorn. Multiply that by the number of transplants and you’ll have your answer.

How desperate are you? Why not shave your entire head instead?

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Remember you’ll be using Rogaine® for the rest of your life

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@passion_plusblack I got screwed by genetics, my hair is thinning on top. Fuck it. Is a woman dating me or my hair? When I hold her and look in her eyes is she thinking of my hair. When I comfort her is she thinking of my hair? When we make love how involved is my hair? Get the idea?

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