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What do you think it would be like working for Disney as an English teacher in China?

Asked by LostInParadise (23493points) December 1st, 2012

This link is from a popup ad. It is interesting that Disney would be involved in something like this. They probably think that China is a huge market for their films and that it would be in their best interest to have more English speakers.

The site is lacking in specifics, like rate of pay. Maybe it varies by location. I am guessing the salary would be just enough to live comfortably. I am nearing retirement and this seems like something that would be exciting to do for a short term. I looked at one ad that asked for a 12 to 15 month contract. That seems about right.

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Sounds like a great adventure to me! I don’t think the Disney tie-in would make it any less worth doing.

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Disney can be a tough employer. I would look very closely at the contract.

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You should not plan on doing this for the money. If you are willing to consider it an adventure it could be fun for a short while. Both China and Disney are not known for being generous. Except to the top dogs.
See if you can learn some Chinese.

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First off, this is a wonderful opportunity for someone close to retirement. Your money will go much further in China, and you will have a terrific chance to experience their magnificent culture.
Second, Disney ain’t doing this so kids will watch their movies.
The new Chinese Middle Class and Upper Class want their kids to succeed, and see English as a path to that success. They are paying Big Yuen for their kids to learn English, and Disney is more than happy to take their money.
I might consider this, if I thought my wife would, but she is far too xenophobic.

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I would be more concerned about what it must be like working in (and hence living in) China than working for Disney. China has been and is still full of dicey characters and a dodgy government.

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I hope you are comfortable singing and dancing and always being cheerful. You will be every bit as much the charatcter of an English teacher as you would be if you were inside a Mickey costume. They have a method, and, reading between the lines, they expect you to put on a certain kind of face at all times. My understanding is that If you break character at Disney, you get fired pretty fast. I would hope they are more lenient with English teachers, but I would not be surprised if they have not industrialized English teaching the same as they industrialize cartoon character acting. That is their culture.

The main impression I get is that you have to convey a sense of wonder at all moments. That is the Disney way. It’s not bad, but it’s not something I could maintain. A sense of wonder is important, but it should be real, not acted. Now you can fake it til you make it, and I have pretended wonder in order to feel it, but like I said, doing that all the time would get old so fast, I’d turn into David Sedaris.

But if you can stand that, then I say go for it. Living in China is quite the experience. My sister has been doing it for over a decade. She’s traveled all over the country, from TIbet to Mongolia, Uigur to Shanghai, Chengdu to god knows where. She loves it. But then, she’s free to do what she wants. She is self-employed. All she has to do is stay on this side of the Chinese censors.

The standards are hygiene are different. It’s very crowded. The houses are smaller and crammed close together and loud. If you don’t speak the language you’ll need to learn to speak and read if you want to feel any ease in getting around.

But it will be a wonderful thing to live there, and if you make friends, that’ll be even better. Let us know if you apply and if you are hired.

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My uncle taught in China for several years and was paid mostly in currency that could only be used inside China. Something to bear in mind.

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Sounds like a great opportunity to me. Especially if you love Chinese food. The students will teach you too. (but isn’t it always that way?)

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