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How organized are you?

Asked by burntbonez (5197points) December 5th, 2012

You can think of this in many ways. Is your desk organized? Your kitchen? Can you find things easily? Do you keep your financial records? Are your tools organized well? Do you spread things out? Do you put things back in their place? Do your things even have a place? Are your clothes in drawers or spread out over your house? Do you keep a calendar? Do you miss many appointments?

However you choose to approach this, what do you think is the effect of your level of organization on your life as a whole?

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I have a Daytimer in which I write notes and appointments, other than that, I take things as they come. What’s the old saying. ” If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

That certainly applies to my profession. I’m an engineer in the field service department. I always have a credit for airplane flights that get changed or cancelled in the last minute.

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My spices are organized in my spice drawer by type of spice—spicy, sweet, herb, etc. It’s kind of hard to explain, but it’s by what food they go into. My desk is pretty clear now, but when I was sick it was a total mess. Although I still knew where things were.

I used to miss appointments occasionally, but now I use google calendar and get plenty of warning for everything. My finances aren’t as organized as I would like, because Quicken does some funky things when connecting with banks and I just can’t figure out how to reconcile it. As a result, I think some of my accounts are double counted, which is disturbing.

I have a friend who kept all her clothes in a pile in the middle of her bedroom. I don’t even know if they were dirty or clean, but it was an impressive pile of clothes. She was seeing a therapist at the time, and I think this was the subject of some discussion. I don’t know what happened since then, since I don’t go to her house any more. But now I realize that this kind of disorganization can be a reflection of mental disorganization or mental illness. I know it was for me. I think it was for my friend, too. I think of other friends with this problem, and I think one could make the case that something dysfunctional is going on in many of these situations.

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I’m a paradox. I like my home nice and tidy, but am not anal about anything.
If I have an opportunity for fun the dust can wait.
I make lists but as reminders to myself not strict daily schedules.
I can be a bit scattered as a left handed, right brained blonde with a super fast brain.
One thing ALWAYS leads to another. lol

I am a free spirited type and while I have a pragmatic side I am much more easy going and relaxed than I am OCD about anything.
I don’t do well with extremely anal personalities at all.
Lets just say I always get things done and am on top of my stuff, but hardcore structure and routine drive me nuts. You’ll never catch me spending an hour shredding paper, I’ll just tear them up a bit and toss them in the trash.

If someone wants to dig through the leftover spaghetti and cat litter to read steal my credit card number, have fun!
I will also never become a hoarder, I am very much an out with the old, in with the new type.
Hoarders drive me insane, just throw it away already, what’s the BFD? lol

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I’m waging a guerilla war against my disorganised, messy self. Recently I seem to be gaining the upper hand: the flat is clean, tidy and I finish what I start 85% of the time give or take. I got my life in order more or less and I started taking better care of myself. I used to miss deadlines, arrive late, have piles of notes/books, empty containers and the like strewn all over the place… I’ve still a long way to go but already I can say I am a responsible, neat and tidy individual working hard to better myself even further. Not sure what changed. Hopefully I have ;-)

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No. I am not terribly organised. My desk is messy, I have piles of papers here and there. I don’t put things away when I have finished with them. Still, I know where things are most of the time. My calendar is always carefully managed and I don’t miss appointments. I answer email and get the things for home and work that need doing, done. I never miss deadlines. So I am not ‘neat’ but I am actually quite organised.

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I am definitely a messy desk person. I like to have notes and project materials visible so that I bother myself into action, haha.

I stopped using an assignment book/planner in high school. I only remembered to write things in it half the time, anyway. Somehow I’ve made it three years in a PhD program.

My apartment is not dirty, but it is messy. I’ll usually go 2–3 weeks between straightening up if things are particularly bad in school. But I can clean the whole place in an hour if someone is coming over! Especially for sexy times.

In fact, I just spent a couple hours straightening up two days ago. I can see my coffee table! It’s soothing right now, but I just know that it’ll be “la bordel” as the French say, in another 3 days or so, haha.

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@bookish1 the Polish say “burdel” (meaning “a compleate f*cking mess”) too, lol.

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@fremen_warrior : Innaresting! Does that mean “brothel” in Polish as well?

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I need to be more organised as it really has been my downfall in the last few years and plan my day out better. I do too much off the cuff stuff and I annoy myself when I see the progress I make when I am organised (on those rare occasions when it happens) before slipping back into my old ways.

I think in reflection I need to organise a day where I can be organised.

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I have recently become super organized. I know where everything is. I had a housekeeper who ran my home for years. I hated it. I could never find a thing. Now I can find anything from tweezers to those white suspender belts in seconds. My undies are organized, my makeup, my hair stuff, my clothes, you name it. Plus my home is also my office. So it is always hotel like everyday.

For two years I was so depressed I feel as though I didnt move off my chair. Literally. My washing pile was near the ceiling.

Well funny how a few pills and words can change things.

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@Shippy, awesome. When I got out of my decade long depression, I celebrated by finally unpacking all the boxes in my apartment, cleaning everything, and putting up posters and photos on the walls!

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@bookish1 hehe yep, literally! Our language took in a lot from French, mainly due to Napoleon, and the Polish Legions that formed in France after the third partition of Poland and later went on to liberate Poland (even if only for a short while…)

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@fremen_warrior : Wow, I had no idea… Polish soldiers fought in the French army in Haiti and even the invasion of Russia! There’s so much history to be learned… Thank you very much for the lesson.

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@bookish1 you’re welcome :-) as the only Polish guy on Fluther I feel I have a bit of an obligation to throw in a link or two every once in a while about some of the better things in Poland’s history, besides parts of my family were directly involved in the 19th century uprisings, the world wars (and who knows what else before all that)... and it is all fascinating stuff if you have the time to explore the subject. If you ever want to read up more, Norman Davies is supposedly one of the best non-Polish historians nowadays writing about Poland, so check out his stuff </sales pitch> :P

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My boss just mentioned today that I’m so organized that my sticky post it notes are organized on my wall. They are.

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I am organized and then disorganized, in cycles.

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