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What is a good entry level job for a transgendered introvert?

Asked by mjm8401 (170points) December 5th, 2012

I need a job really bad, however I am a introverted person. Most people do not understand me. They think I am lazy, and do not want to work. This is not true. The problem is all of the jobs in my area are in customer service and sales. I tried multiple times to work in such places but it never works out. I have no people skills. I try to fake it forawhile, but it takes a toll on my health physically and mentally. I am a transperson on top of that which most people around here cannot begin to understand. They never say anything to me directly but on multiple occasions I could here them making fun of me and calling me a faggot in the other room. I really want a job I like with coworkers and bosses I can relate to even if the pay isn’t that good. In the long run I will probably go back to school and do something in science. Until I have money for that I just need something to get by with. According to Myers Briggs I am a INFP – introverted, intuition, feeling, percieving. I live in Burlington County New Jersey and have no car, no money.

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Have you considerd a call center job? You will learn a lot about different industries doing that.

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Thanks. I will look into that.

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A job that isn’t transphobic, that’s obvious. Those are rare. In certain places, however, gender identity and expression are written into the non-discrimination clause. There are LGBT-centered places to work, as well but it sucks to have to do that just because you’re LGBT. I understand the many ways you feel trapped and I’m sorry.

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Are there any educational facilities such as universities or colleges near you? My experience is that staff in such establishments are often much more accepting of individual differences. They also often have codes of conduct and ethics that cover diversity. There are so many jobs you can do in places like this. Work in the library, grounds management, stores, production of documents, food service. Check out your nearest major educational facility and see what jobs they have available. Good luck.

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I know this is not going to sound glamorous, but I was thinking you might try looking into cleaning companies since you’re looking for an entry-level job. You can also look for custodial jobs at large employers like hospitals and universities.

Welcome to Fluther, too.

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Get a job working with animals, they don’t care much about anything as long as you scratch their ears and feed them. I have always found their company to be ever so much preferable to humans.

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Welcome to Fluther.
There are some good ideas here.
Do you live anywhere near Burlington County College? I agree with @Bellatrix both that you are likely to find more open minded people working in and around a university, and also that there are many entry level jobs to apply for. Hopefully the public transportation to the university would be pretty good for you as well.
What about landscaping/groundskeeping in your area? Even though you’d be working alongside other people, it does not seem like a very social job and you’d probably be working on your own projects most of the time.
Best of luck to you.

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It’s amazing how a job can make a person feel less adequate. Some like front line positions, some do not. Both are OK, for the right person. Are there community groups you can join, where transgendered people are networking? Or have you linked to a social network where transgenders are, that way referrals could come your way.

Like someone mentioned, many companies are compensated for employing all types of people. In order to serve equity. Perhaps investigate that. Or you could work from home, but do keep some social activity as all people deserve to be seen and heard. No matter what other people say or think. You count.

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Yes – I was thinking about any kind of job at Burlington Community College for you. Maybe in an offfice, a learning center or even on the cafeteria line? The atmosphere is likely to be pleasant for you.

Also, if you are anywhere near Hurrican Sandy destruction, there might be jobs with clean-up or construction crews.

Welcome to Fluther! You will find many transperson friendly folk here.

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Secretary Of State

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Back when I was thinking of transsexual surgery, I worked for a sex tabloid newspaper called the LA Star as the entertainment reporter. I loved it. Everybody there was perfectly cool with me. And the job got me into the inner circles of the big entertainment studios in LA, plus pre-release copies of all the rock, jazz and acid rock albums of the day. The entertainment desk does require being outgoing, but other writing assignments do not.

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Don’t quit your day job @Blondesjon. You think that is funny but that just makes you look callous and condescending.

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@ETpro makes a good point here @mjm8401. If there are any support groups in your area, join them. The people attending presumably have jobs. They will also have worked for organisations that are LGBT friendly and may have contacts and can help you find work.

I also forgot to welcome you to Fluther and I agree with @janbb‘s message that this is a good community to join. Welcome.

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@bookish1 . . . perhaps that is what i was shooting for . . . and nailed

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