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Is there a horror section in your bookstore?

Asked by Berserker (33454points) December 11th, 2012

I live in a relatively small town, which only has one book store. (used to be more, but this one is the only bookstore that sells new books only)
Watching some Stephen King interviews, he doesn’t always describe his books as horror. Sometimes science fiction, drama and all…but not always horror. reminds me of a Simpsons joke which, of course, isn’t on YouTube.

So thinking about what King said in that one interview I saw, it made me realize that there is no horror section in my one book store. If you want Stephen King or Dean Koontz or other horror, you have to check out fantasy/science fiction. (both in one section, and all horror books are in there) Not that I mind, I’ve been to this book store for years and it never dawned on me that a horror section doesn’t exist lol…but when I lived in Winnipeg, or when I go to MontrĂ©al, most big book stores do have a horror section. (as well as separate fantasy and science fiction sections) And this book store we have here IS pretty big n’ fancy.

So now I’m wondering how common the horror section is in book stores. Do you have a horror section in your book store? (this applies for both new and used book stores)

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You are so civilized. You go to bookstores. I can’t remember the last time I was in a bookstore. I used to go to bookstores many times a year. But now the last time was when I took my daughter to get a book for vacation (I got one as well—the last book I read).

My bookstore is Amazon and they, of course, have a horror section, although I’ve never set foot in it, since I don’t like horror. I have set foot in the science fiction section. In fact, that’s about the only section I ever go to.

The bookstores in Philly probably do have horror sections, although even when I was going to book stores, I wouldn’t know, since I’d never set foot in that section. Hell. I get creeped out thinking that someone might be looking through the window at me!

And then there was the time in Barnes & Noble when I walked past the horror section and felt this inexplicable coldness in the air. No joke. They had some kind of display that involved dry ice. Ok. It was only inexplicable for a moment, but still…..

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Nope. I have the same as you. Also live in a small town.

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I live in a town so small, a tortoise broke the speed limit when it farted.
No bookstore here, we do have a library though & as far as I can remember, there is a section on horror, tatty old crap ones, but they’re there.

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Yeah my city has the largest independently owned bookstore in the U.S, one entire floor is dedicated to fantasy and horror

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@rockfan Yeah, MontrĂ©al has big ass book stores like that too. Hell it would take a whole afternoon sifitng through a section if you don’t ask the clerk if they have the book or not. Well they usually put them in order but I’m freakin’ lazy

@wundayatta Haha lol @ the ice display. Nice move on their part putting it by the horror section lol.

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My has town has Barnes and Noble and I think they used to have a horror section but then got rid of it. So I just go on Amazon to get my horror fix.

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One of my favorite book stores is a section in a famous hardware store. And yes, they have a horror section.

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Nope not even in our Barnes and Noble. We did at another bookstore, but they shut down around the time B&N moved in.

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Yeah, but they call it “teen romance.” Oh wait, I thought you asked about a “horrible” section (e.g., Twilight). Yes, my bookstore has a horror section. I just saw it today (it’s a rather large Barnes and Noble).

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I hardly ever go to physical bookstores anymore, but I seem to remember having to find King’s books in the Mystery section at one store. Weird. My library doesn’t have genre sections like that at all (they do have separate sections for YA and Children). Just one big Fiction section, alphabetically by author. I wish they would break it out into genres to make similar books easier to find. :/

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Yes – but my bookstore happens to be the mother of all bookstores, the Strand.

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