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Most points?

Asked by Blobman (516points) June 7th, 2008

who thinks they have a lot of even the most Lurve points? How many?

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I had more for a few minutes today.. I have a fucking screen shot to prove it.

And I don’t really care. OK. I will admit it. I care enough that I captured the image.

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Holy crap, 400 some new activities, my god….

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not to be rude, but do you people have lives

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I have found that the best flutherers have the most interesting or active lives of all, in fact. Otherwise how would they know all of this shit?

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ps – @JP – that’s epic.

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Fresh Prince? Is that a metaphor?

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“johnpowell” is leading with 5675 points

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gail has 5691.

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My points are at a standstill (sigh) but that’s ok.

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do u get points for asking a question

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no, you don’t otherwise you could abuse question asking to increase their own score, and then the whole point of fluther would be kaput.

(and by you I mean Zack)

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who’s Zach

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a bad boy.

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JP is beating Gail by 10!

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