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What should I take an elderly friend who's in a nursing home?

Asked by Aster (18187points) December 16th, 2012

This 91 year old lady just started dialysis and is in a nursing home. I want to visit her tomorrow; what should I take her? Should it be wrapped in Christmas wrap? Are flowers too boring?

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How about a plant wrapped in Christmas wrapping? Something hardy like a philodendron that will last and bring her pleasure. Or a book on tape or CD if she has access to media players?

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Space is always an issue.. If you don’t know what she needs or has how about her favorite foods. I am certain nursing home food is lacking. A word search, or sort of time waster if she is not crafty.
A really comfy bright or pretty blanket or sweater.

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How about some lovely flowers to cheer the room or like @janbb suggested a plant.

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A hardy plant in a pot that would need little attention. A card holder could be stuck in it, saying, simply, “Love, Aster”

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I vote for lovely flowers. Dialysis zaps your strength. I’m sure she’ll sleep many hours and the vision of seeing a bouquet of beautiful flowers would brighten her room and her day.

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Flowers sound good. Also consider: what are your talents and strengths? For example, if you are a musician, you could give her a CD of your music or something like that, or if you’re a visual artist, you could paint her something.

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I took her a big poinsettia but her daughter had already brought her one . It’s the thought that counts. She had mostly cards.
Turns out she wants books.

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Well I can understand that. She wants something to do :) Do you know what kinds of books she enjoys to read?

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No; but my daughter does! She was visiting at the same time and is close to Granny.

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