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Can I get credit for 25 years plus of playing Dungeons and Dragons in Leisure Studies?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20529points) February 21st, 2021

I am so sick of macaroni art and boring activities to fill time. Is it possible to play D&D in a nursing home when my cohort retires? Maybe make a hobby of it?
Naturally after Covid is over.

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Also I have years of sports and fencing with the (SCA) Society of Creative Anachronism.

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Certainly you can play Dungeons and Dragons in a nursing home. It sounds like you have already made a hobby of it. As for Leisure Studies, where are you wanting that credit at? And to what end?

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@anniereborn I would like help to decide if I could, or should, take a bachelor’s in Recreation and Leisure Studies, or the equivalent, in the University of Alberta? Would It be a good fit? I have the prerequisites, and a 61% average in high school and three years of business and liberal arts.

My recreational therapist just played Yahtzee with me years ago. That seems like a sweet deal if I can play D&D for work all day.

It is hard to find anyone to play with because of Covid-19. It is on my bucket list to graduate with my family in the audience.

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Have you ever considered running games professionally?

Back in the 1990s I ran games of Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu and Metropolis Ltd’s horror roleplaying game Kult. These were very dark games and I was a minister at the time so I could not run the games professionally—but probably could have. With my little group we would play all night and sleep days.

I wish I could tell you more, but you can make a career of it if people are interested in playing—probably at universities and artsy / Goth parts of town.

You might also consider being a game designer or writing / compiling materials for these games (e.g. working for TSR) rather than applying it to some recreation / leisure degree.

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@Yellowdog Yes. I need to have a space to run one. In my apartment we are only allowed one or two visitors because of Covid-19

I would like to run a campaign in the future. I’ve never been a (DM) Dungeon Master.

I mostly read Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance novels. I’ve played with friends in Jasper.

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If you’re asking about college credit then the person to ask would be a counselor who works with that particular college.

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If you went for a degree, you would not be playing D&D all day. You would receive training on how to use recreation and leisure activities as a type of therapy for others. Link You have said that you were interested in becoming a psychologist. This would be along the same lines.

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Is there some way for you to verify that fact?

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The decision to issue credit for non-school activities is entirely up to the school.

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@si3tech Yes my family knows about my D&D experience.

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