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Do you agree with this quote? [details inside!]?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) December 16th, 2012

“All through out history, the loneliest people, were the ones who always spoke the truth.”

Kings of Convenience-Misread

Do you agre with this quote? Or is there more facts that go against this statement?

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Yes, I totally agree that is why I am so lonely.

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Nope. Define lonely people; do they consider themselves lonely or do other people just think they are lonely simply because they are alone or some other external subjective perception? I seriously doubt that anyone ever always speaks the truth. This statement is way too general with two too many superlatives to carry any veracity at all. Sounds like something written by a lonely person so desperate for affirmation that they no longer care how obvious their fishing expedition for it is or how rediculous their logic appears.

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> with two too many superlatives

…and one too many commas.

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I see no correlation at all, Hitler was a very lonely man & well, enough said.

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Those who speak the truth don’t care about being popular.

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You mean like the boy who cried wolf?
Yeah, no.

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Absolutely! They are also the ones most likely to be executed. lol

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@flutherother Amen bro! I sure as hell don’t, someone has to have the balls or boobs to say what others can’t. haha

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Really, What about the shooter in Newtown? He was described as lonely. No, it’s nonsense.

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@marinelife Being lonely because one is a nut case is not the same as being lonely because one is bold enough to speak uncomfortable truths.

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To a very reasonable degree I believe that can be so true, lol. Sometimes conformism or the status quo (as in information cascades) can cause people to make fast choices instead of wise choices.

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No. I tie truth with honesty and I find honest people refreshing and are drawn to them.
The truth isn’t always pleasant, but it’s not always unpleasant either : )

“Let’s experience the beauty and joy of truth by accepting things as they are rather than as we wish them to be.”

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Indeed, I have found speaking my truth online to draw people to me. It seems there are some people out there with the same truth, but they are reluctant to take shit for speaking it. But they like it when someone else says it. So truth speaking can make friends.

Of course, one person’s truth is another person’s lie. So you also make enemies.

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@wundayatta Ya got that right, my use of the words “Bimbo” & “Hillbilly” have resulted in more than few Melvins in the last week or so. lol

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I like the Greek gods’ punishment of Cassandra. She had the gift of prophecy, but the curse was “you will not be believed.”


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Should have played the lottery.

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Sounds like a really badly thought out essay prompt.

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@Coloma What’s a Melvin?

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That is the name of her lover.

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Yes, I agree. Speaking the truth often involves speaking out against the system, and that can be a lonely place to speak from, because few people are willing to risk their livelihoods or even their lives to stand on that soap-box with you.

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Yes, I agree. No one really likes to hear the truth all the time unfortunately, so that tends to make the ‘truth tellers’ pretty lonely people. I have lost friends repeatedly for that reason. Like “what do you mean you won’t tell him I’m spending the weekend at your house?” – that type thing.

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@Sunny2 When someone pulls your undies up so far they strangle your sensitive parts. lol

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@Coloma : So a frontal wedgie?

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@bookish1 Haha…something like that.
And for the record, I actually LAUGHED @ragingloli ‘s crack. Imagine that! ;-)

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@Coloma talking about wedgies and ”@ragingloli ‘s crack” iin the same thread gives entirely the wrong impression…!

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Fortunately we are in social, and I would guess these cracks are a form of social disease.

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It’s sounds right to me.
People don’t like honesty. They don’t want your opinion, they want their own opinion in someone else’s voice.

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