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[NSFW!]Boring question #36: Is she being very trustful if she allows this or will she do it because she is very freaky?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) December 18th, 2012

[NSFW!] When a woman engages in buggery (being penetrated anally) is she doing so because she really trust her man or is she doing so because she is just overly freaky or kinky? If you are female you can answer if you would allow a male to part your sphincter is it more because of pleasure or because you trust him not to make it hurt even if you are not much into being buggered?

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Boring question about boring in? Don’t think so. But the answer is both in my case. She’s freaky and she trusts my thrusting. : )

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It’s not “either-or”. It was trust and curiosity.

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I think she trusts me, but she’s not all that into it. To tell the truth, neither am I.

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Another vote for both.

I’d never do it, as I have no interest, neither does my husband, and – ouch! But hey, whatever butters your biscuit. :)

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One girlfriend I had wanted to do it because we didn’t have any condoms. She seemed pretty happy about it. I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that she had a French boyfriend before she met me (and whom she ultimately went back to).

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I’ve experienced that earthly delight—oh so tight—with both types, and with the combo. Rating how great it was, trust is a 1 on a scale of 1 to 3 where 3 is outrageously sexy. Freaky is a 2 on that scale, and the trusting freaky sexpot it a definite 3!

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Thinking about buggering someone, Hypo?

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Well hopefully she trusts you to a degree if she is being intimate with you.

Hopefully you deserve it. And know or read about safe and less painful ways to engage.

Also communication is ideal in fact necessary to make this enjoyable for both you.

Some people trust easily. Others are desperate or have low self esteem. She could just not be used to saying no she may hint that its not ok. Or she could be curious maybe she had one bad experience willing to give it another go putting it down to the person not the act.

It is impossible to say without communication on the topic.

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For those that want to try it out, until they are confident of each others limits, here’s the bottom line on how to avoid pain. Lots of lubrication. The guy should just sit still and let his lady control the pace. For her, push like you are trying to expel a BM, and while you are doing that, slowly slide yourself onto his erection. He needs to hold completely still, letting you control the pace. And be aware there are two sphincter muscle rings in there, one right at the opening, and the second deeper inside. Once you feel the head of his cock pop into the first ring, don’t assume you are home free and ram your precious backside onto him. Slide onto it slowly till you hit the second tight spot (assuming he’s long enough to reach it) and use the same method of pushing out to let him slowly slide through the inner gate.

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@ETpro: bottom line. Nice one!

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My wife isn’t keen, she can’t be arsed with it.

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Wait I have to correct my earlier response!

If a male wants to penetrate a female anally is he freaky or really trusting or just an ass?

I misread the question. Also asked was my particular take on anal.

I am not fond of it. If my partnership is established more of a long term thing, where I obviously trust him. I will allow him on a special occasion.

Provided I am very relaxed and turned on and he is not too large or thick. If a male is enquiring about it before we even have hit the sheets he is out the door.

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@rosehips Understood. I think I would tend to agree, regardless of the must-have on the list. Such demands are inappropriate for a relationship, and WAY inappropriate for a first date.

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@ETpro what a relief. So I’m back in the dating world and come to find out there is this new “thing” it’s called put all your flaws on the table and of any one is deal breaker thank them for the coffee and go.

I was that when you get in your late 30s you don’t waste time playing silly games. I am glad I am not the only one who finds that idea repulsive. I just told him I was in my mid twenties and I still had all the time in the world for games.

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@rosehips I’ll be the magical year, 69, in a few months. I’m married and have been for 35 years. But if I were suddenly single, my attitude would be I’ve got all the time that is.

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Very beautiful and appropriate sentiment too! Congratulations on both.

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@Hypocrisy_Central both. Could be bored too. Heck spend enough time in bed with one person and you can convince them to do almost anything. Well ofc depending on their upbringing/character etc. Buggering xD Reminds me of the Ball of Balinor though the song mentions sheep I think xP

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I knew a woman who enjoyed anal just because she knew she couldn’t get pregnant.

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I trust my boyfriend and, if I didn’t find it painful (which I do) I would let him do it because I trust him. As it happens we have tried on a number of occassions and it hurtsa too much so we don’t bother anymore, our sex life is not lacking without it at all. Personally I don’t find anal sex to be much of a turn on so it’s got nothing to do with being “freaky” but if I would do it for him if I could.

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“Overly” kinky? Since when are their acceptable limits of kink?

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Could be that she is constipated?

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I don’t think it’s either one. She either wants it because she likes the way it feels, or she only cares about making her man happy and does not mind being in pain/doing something she doesn’t enjoy (if that’s the case). I also don’t think anal is being overly kinky, I’d say it just barely fits into the “kinky” category and is one of the more normal things you can do in the bedroom.

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When I was in my twenties, this seemed oh so exciting. Not so much, now.

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I can only speak for myself. I do it because I enjoy it and because I know HE enjoys it. Simple.

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