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Why doesn't anybody ever follow me on tumblr?

Asked by Blondesjon (33658points) December 19th, 2012

I don’t have a tumblr account but the question seems to pop up here a lot.


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An old Rabbi was beseeching the Lord. Lord, why don’t you let me win the lottery? I’m a pious and honest man. This went on for a couple of weeks. He didn’t win the lottery. He beseeched the Lord again. The Lord had enough. Jacob, you have to buy a ticket.

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The gas.

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They are just not that into you.

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I don’t follow anyone because I don’t have an account on Tumblr

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I’ve been following you on tumbler since ‘08.

1908, that is. So quit yer kvetching! And you know if your wife ever dumped your sorry ass, I’d snatch you up in a second!

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If only I knew what Tumbler was.

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Isn’t Tumblr the 8 track of social media?

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I’m not following anyone on Tumblr until they insert an “e” in there.

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Tumbler is a drinking glass, right?

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I’ll tumble for ya @Blondesjon

oops, sorry. misread the question

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@wundayatta Dude, 1908? You’re one ancient mofo. :p

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Tits or GTFO.

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Because you’re a needy fucker who jacks off to Sesame Street, you should fit in just fine.

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Get rid of the Sarah Palin theme and I might consider it.

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We’d follow you anywhere, @Blondesjon. ;)

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Palin is hugely fuckable, she’d need to be gagged of course…can’t have that whiny voice spewing out “soccer mom” shite!!

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Palin is soiled.

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No shit!

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@Symbeline Yes I am. And so, you might note, is @Blondesjon. I believe he was the original blogger.

Or was is logger? My memory is getting fuzzy.

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I think it’s very romantic when husband and wife communicate via Fluther threads.

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@wundayatta LOL logger. ’‘sings’’ Down and down and down White Riveeeer, a Fluthering…somethiiiiing…

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@Symbeline A Flutherer’s waltz pleases girls completely? :D

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Yeah that’s it, thanks!

Absolutely not related

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@Symbeline Love that cartoon. As you could probably tell. :)

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@Blondesjon Sign of the times, sign of the times. Our youth was raised in the iEverything era. Most of the people that are wanting follows don’t even publish their own works. The attraction of Tumblr is that a user Reblogs images, videos, .gifs of their moods or feeling. It’s a place where just about anyone can give off vibes of who they are through these representations. Allow me to elaborate. A good friend of mine got sucked into Tumblr when it first came out. He started Tumbling anything and everything that had to do with “Modern Business Man Fashion.” My buddy didn’t own a single suit or tie. It was all a guise to put forth. I think the iEverything generation could possibly suffer from mini identity crisis’s. Because the internet allows anyone to be anything. It’s escapism, but live!

I think the whole point of wanting us to follow them displays the struggle of our youth and shows that they want more and more and more and more of intangible recognition. Our youth gets high off of this being known on the internet sensation. I guess I’m finally old too at the age of 25 lol. But I can’t even relate to them. I understand if they are a band, or artist or something of that sort that want exposure. But these kids are just would be regular kids that go online and are extremely social with no aim or position but to please themselves with popularity.

I think one positive that comes out of this is that these kids seem to be inspiring each other and it does help artists or anyone putting out a certain product, etc. (If you get reblogged)

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@_Whitetigress . . . So tumblr is a quasi-Hollywood version of high school?

eww . . .

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@Blondesjon Yes! Mixed in with the mythical power of remaining Anonymous.

But definitely if FaceBook represents Highschool round 2, Tumblr is the quasi-Hollywood version

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@glacial Ha yeah me too. I always watched it as a kid, it kicks ass.

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