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What did you have to do to convince your "Santa" to give you that expensive gift this year? lol?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) December 25th, 2012

The dirtier, creative, and or bizzare the better.

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at my house, I am the Santa

one of the girls showed me how she could take an entire ball park frank in her mouth, in a suggestive manner

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@DrBill And did that girl get the best Christmas gift?

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Creepy as hell DrBill. But unsurprising.

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Here, my wife told me she would NOT have a good Christmas if she didn’t get the boots she wanted.
Her gift to me was being happy with the boots.

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I showed my benefactor a side of me that you Flutherites rarely see; warm, charming, witty without sarcasm, and eventually naked. It really didn’t take any convincing after that.

The wife upgraded my phone from a battle-scarred Droid X to a new Droid Razr HD, one o their flagship models :)

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My husband does not give gifts on holidays, so I buy my own. This year we are really tight, because of the number of unemployed family members we are helping out. His company gave him a modest year end bonus, and a gift card to Target for $50.

I went to Target and bought him the slippers he really needed, and I saw some boots that I have been wanting, so I bought them and wrapped them up in the most beautiful paper I have. Everyone else said Oooooooo when I brought out the box. I use the same paper every year since I found it. It’s a metallic sort of paper that silvery sort of like this.

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I bet you were expecting a creative one from me? I have to say, this expensive gift lark is just that. People need to get their priorities right. Give me love and the little family I have left and no gift on earth can replace that. I wish one could give peace, love inspiration, a future, hope and self worth as a gift. I would be wrapping those like crazy.

(I am so looking forward to my life as a Hermit)

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal she asked for a watch, she got a Rolex

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I did not want an expensive gift. In fact, we cut back on our plans to get each other gifts in favor of getting gifts for our families and paying bills.

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I bought it my damn self.

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Kinda like @Seek_Kolinahr, except I ordered it on Hubby’s credit card. (with his permission, of course.)

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@jerv You without sarcasm, that must’ve been painful. LOL I’m just kidding with you. I’m glad it seems like you had a good Christmas.

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@DrBill I don’t blame you. Good call.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Ahh how sad! Well I guess you at least got the right size and color huh?

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We’re so short on money this year we aren’t exchanging gifts with anyone other than my kids, and I made their presents (I did buy them each one little thing, under $9 a piece.) I did get a lovely gift from some jellies, and all I did was to say I was cold! Their gift warmed my body and my heart.

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It was a video game console. It fit perfectly. ^_^

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@Seek_Kolinahr LOL. Well I’m glad you got the right size. 8—)

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