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Does anyone recognize this poem?

Asked by Foolaholic (5801points) December 28th, 2012

I discovered this poem just the other day, when it appeared on the most recent panel of Dark Science, a webcomic by Desden Codak. It’s a beautiful piece, and based on what research I have done I think it’s a couple years old, but I can’t seem to locate the source. Does anyone know/recognize the following poem, and can you tell me anything about it? Here’s the poem:

“At twilight’s end,
the shadows crossed
A new world birthed,
The elder lost

Yet on the morn
we wake to find
That mem’ry left
so far behind

To deafened ears,
we ask, unseen
Which is life,
and which the dream?”

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I get a somewhat shaky attribution to Aaron Diaz on this guy’s homepage.

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I also get Aaron Diaz, who is apparently a webcomic.

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Yeah, Aaron is actually the true name of Dresden Codak. I tried contacting him but never got a response. Where do you guys locate such attributions?

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Just put the first three lines of the poem in Google. If you click on our red links you’ll see what we turned up.

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What I infer is that this writer had intense visions. They must’ve felt they were there. Only to wake up and regret the place of his conscious life. I had an intense dream the other day, felt so real, I wished it were real.

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I used the first two lines, and if I hadn’t been looking to confirm my first hit, I would have had my answer up before @janbb did. Also, @janbb‘s link doesn’t work for me.

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It is indeed an original piece by Aaron Diaz. It was first published on March 2nd, 2006 in this comic. It was inspired by Zhuangzi‘s famous butterfly dream. Aaron Diaz is reusing it again in Dark Machinery, but it’s his originally.

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