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Do you call your significant other funny words, like bunny?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) December 29th, 2012

I was once dating a guy for several years and he only ever referred to me by my name. He never said ‘babe’ or honey or bunny or chickle cheeks.

He said some of his friends and he, were discussing it. And he relayed to me he simply couldn’t think of a cute name to call me, it just didn’t seem right. But more than that, he was afraid he would offend me in doing so. Do you have another name or do you call your SO a funny name?

Did you parents call you cute names? My mom often used to call me her ‘faggoty Maggoty’ loll. Before that word was used in slander to some people. So it was quite cute I think.

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I use the term honey with my SO and I use that way more than her name but I think it is quite normal and I can’t say I’ve ever used a funny name (unless we are actively trying to outdo each other with funny words such as my little snugglebumpkinpuss)

My parents must have been boring as they never called me names lol

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No, he’s either Dad, Grandpa or (name).

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Used to, names like snookums or tutti fruitti…we grew out of that shit though.
We now refer to each other as pet, love or hinny…which is nice.

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I did but they were always off the wall ones. Never anything normal like babe, baby or honey.
Weird but I rarely do normal : (

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Honey Bunny is popular around here, along with duckie, and variations on bug (bugster, scooter bug).

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After my husband and I had been married 20 years we realized that his pet name for me was “baby.” I had been responding to it for years but I didn’t realize it until recently. I thought it was strange.

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@Shippy Chickle cheeks? <raises eyebrows again>

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I’ve always called my special person….my s/o the word Love as in My Love. I have been called Baby, Sweetie.

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@flutherother Keep that up and you’ll get a whole face lift in a minute loll.

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I have all kinds of names I call my wifey but I think my favorite is “My dirty little seahorse.” Her favorite seems to be “Fathead.” She’s not fat at all, I don’t even know why she likes it or why I said it, but she loves it every time I say it.

We are a couple of weird ones.

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We both have pet names for the other.

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@Shippy LOL You are good!

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Occasionally, we refer to one another as darling or dear/deer. Sweetheart is more common, but lately we have been calling each other “babby” (not baby or babe, as those thoroughly annoy me.) At first I would get annoyed by being called “babby”, but I guess it’s going to stick to us forever. It’s cute.

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My fianc√© and I use a myriad of terms of endearment, babe, baby, sweetheart, sweetie, darling, dear, honey, hun, the usual… but one evening after a delicious Asian meal, I had gone on about how much I love dumpling sauce, so I started calling him dumpling sauce.

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My parents had a lot of strange nicknames for me, but “kid” seems to have stuck. My husband’s parents used to call him Eeyore because of his sad eyes.

I now call him Joshy Poo, as does my entire family (my dad calls him Poo and my uncle calls him JP). He calls me Lyndsey Bear. But we don’t do the baby, sweetie, hunny thing. He once had a girlfriend he called Cheeks because she had chubby cheeks, but that’s about as cutesy as it gets.

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@livelaughlove21 I’m so relieved since I call mine BunnyPooBum, and was worried that was stretching cuteness just a bit too far. Ugh the imagery.

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My wife and I call each other honey. If we are in silly moods, we might throw in bunny, as well. We do live large, don’t we? Always on the edge!

I did have a girlfriend once who gave me a strange pet name that I can not reveal due to privacy concerns. We both used that name, and it felt so cute and precious that it’s hard to imagine why that relationship didn’t last… not!

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Love or Lover. Babe if I’m trying to get his attention.

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Oh, we have many names for each other.
(We’re German, so some of these are translations, though we do also have quite a few english nicknames for one another, somehow)
For example he calls me:
Le Mur
Maus (Mouse)
and the German equivalent for “tushy”......when he is being silly.

I call him:
Le Mile
“Hase” -that’s bunny by the way.

And then there are many, many variations, like Cutiepie and what not, when we’re alone we talk very “cutesy”, I guess, and tell each other how much we like and love each other often.

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@scuniper My husband and I do the cutesy baby talk too. It’s sickening, I know, but we’ve always done it.

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Meekie, Honeybear and Sweet-baby-kitten.

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@livelaughlove21 We have too, it began a couple weeks after we got to know each other, when he started altering my usual nickname, and I actually really appreciated it because it shows so much affection, still do of course. I only hope no one ever overhears us talking when we’re getting really cutesy, could get embarassing, especially concerning nickname nr. 4.

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Yes. I call my wife “Ducky”.

She calls me by my last name
which is different than hers.

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I call my boyfriend:

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“J-Farm” ?????

Care to elaborate @AshLeigh

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@cookieman I’m guessing J stands for Josh and Farm is part of his last name?

My sister has a friend they call J-Sharp, because it’s a combination of her first and last name.

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^^ Ahh, that makes sense. I was hoping for a story of suburban street thuggery and rapping.
Perhaps I have an over active imagination.

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Goji, as in Goji Berry.

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Haha. @cookieman, @livelaughlove21 got it right. :)
But I could tell you all kinds of stories about street thuggery and raping.

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My boyfriend calls me lumps! It was originally sweet lumps I don’t really call him anything other than his name.

My dad has called me fruitcake since I was small.

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I’m sorry but I had to laugh at Faggoty Maggoty LMAO

Anyway, my boyfriend calls me angel, babe, baby, and love. That and my name

I call him babe, pumpkin, love, love muffin, bay, and his full name (everyone else calls him by his nickname)

I get the occasional “babe” from my dad and sometimes my boyfriend and his mother call each other boodaboo…..which to this day I still find a little strange for a grown man smh oh well lol

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@cutiepi92 loll, I felt so loved

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My family calls me ET.

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Expensive Tastes? :¬)

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Because you constantly call them?

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Because you were made in the eighties & still look good today?

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Good guesses, but no. Because I looked like ET as baby.

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My condolences. I hope you soon grew out of that.

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Pfftt. ET is cute!

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I so agree

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