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How to not get intimidated with this handsome and smart guy?

Asked by lovingpartner (68points) January 3rd, 2013

If I feel that this guy is smarter, I am tongue-tied. I don’t know what to do to remedy this situation. I cannot be myself.

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Been there, just realize that smart people usually like other people to simply listen and admire their big brains in my experience. Brains are so HOT!

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Don’t confuse brains with character. Hope that he doesn’t make that mistake either.

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@submariner how to not be confused to it?

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Imagine him with no clothes on. Seriously, Imagine hm doing the things you do every day. Going to the bathroom. Etc.

He is just like you are. He doesn’t go around looking in a mirror all day.

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Trip him up that should bring him back down to earth.

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I agree with marinelife and imagine him playing Vets and tickling the inside of a cow from the bottom up. There is nothing better than picturing somebody using a cow as a real life ventriloquists dummy to change your mind about them.

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I’ve been tongue tied by a woman’s beauty. It was really weird. I’ve spoken with plenty of beautiful women in my life, but this one woman—young woman—made my brain fuzzy. All I could think about was wanting her.

But she was there for a professional reason, and I forced myself to treat her as I treat everyone else. I focused on the job, even as I was thinking all about was there any way of seducing her at the same time. The seduction track didn’t come up with anything, but I’m pretty sure I gave her good service. Not the kind of service I wanted to give her, but good, none-the-less.

Of course, I’m probably a lot older than you are. And it’s harder when you are young. You don’t have as much experience refocusing your mind. But that’s what you have to do. Focus on whatever your goal is. Do not let yourself think about how handsome he is. Just have a goal in mind, and work towards it.

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