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What should I give as a party favor?

Asked by JLeslie (54570points) January 3rd, 2013

My husband and I are going to be moving to FL. Some of our very close friends where we live now are hosting a dinner party, probably 25 people will be there, and my husband and I want to give everyone something. Well, some people are part of a couple, so it does not have to be 25 gifts. Recently, a friend of ours had us over for dinner with some other friends (not related to our move) and he gave his guests a framed photo from his trip across the southwest US. The photo was amazing, should be a post card.

So what can we give?

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It could be something to remember you with, either a picture of the two of you, or maybe something based on your husband’s hobby. If it is to be a picture, you could commission a special one with a photographer. Then put it in a frame of your own design.

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Maybe you could include Jordan almonds. I love those. They’re not only for marriages, are they?

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@wundayatta Actually, these friends are from the Porsche club, so that is associated with his hobby). Do you think friends want a framed photo of friends? I wondered about that. I have had friends give me a framed photo of my husband and me, but not of themselves. Unless I was in the photo also. Like a friend of mine gave me a framed photo with her, me, and another woman we worked with. We were like the Three Muskateers. I love that photo.

@dxs Oh, I buy Jordan almonds just to eat myself, doesn’t even have to be a special occasion. I love them. I thought of that too. But, still something else included. For my wedding we gave mini small dishes with Jordan almonds. The dish could be used for sweets, or even jewelry I guess.

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I saw a neat wedding shower favor that was a jar of honey Something Like These (but you could choose anything, maybe something from the area you are going to, or something famously tasty from where you are leaving like jelly or salsa) and have printed labels with your name and new address made to stick on them.

Another shower favor was a CD of the new couple’s favorite songs, but in your case you could make the CD of songs, but instead of a wedding photo, put your name and new address on the cover along with a current photo.

And speaking of CD’s, here’s something I just found on Pinterest, you make your own large cookies (whatever kind you like) and insert one cookie into a CD envelope, then tie it up with ribbon and hang a tag with your new contact info on it. Like This

Another idea is to select a small jar of something that you like, jelly, tin of teabags or jar of mustard or chutney or whatever, and instead of sticking a label onto the jar, put the jar into one of those little mesh bags, tie with ribbon and add your new address tag. Like This

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Some people tease my husband and call him Slowpoke or Lento, as in Slowpoke Rodriquez from Speedy Gonzales. My husband was thinking do something with Speedy in some way. For those who don’t know he is Mexican-American and races cars.

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I guess people can always use the frame even if they don’t care about the photo come to think about it.

@Kardamom I love some of those idea just as something to keep tucked away in the back of my mind in general.

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I don’t know, @JLeslie. I was thinking that you were leaving and they might not ever see you again. So maybe a brand new picture of you might be of interest. But it might also be weird. It all depends on your relationship with them. It could be a joke photo. Or it could be some kind of fancy Porshe key ring engraved with your names and thanking them for being such great friends.

Look. I’m no good at this. I’m just making shit up. I probably never should have answered in the first place.

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@wundayatta Don’t feel like that. I appreciate the suggestion. I was just asking what you personally would appreciate, not saying your suggestion was a bad idea. Some of them we are quite close with and will still see them at races and maybe a few will visit in FL. The Porsche ring is probably more than I want to spend, I thought about something Porsche, but they jack up the prices so much.

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How about a keychain with a car on it, not necessarily a Porsche? You could get a cheap one (I assume on Amazon) and engrave it with some saying that’s personal to you guys. Or you could get a Florida keychain (either an engravable one and engrave it) or a cheap one, like a joke one.

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