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How many Americans earning more than $400,000 will join French actor Gérard Depardieu and become Russian citizens?

Asked by mattbrowne (31557points) January 4th, 2013

Or put differently:

What would have to be a new threshold to make high-income earners seek new citizenship?

Here’s Gérard Depardieu’ story:

“A few hours after President Vladimir Putin signed a decree granting Gérard Depardieu Russian citizenship it was clear the French actor would have little difficulty making new friends in his adopted homeland. Offers of hospitality came flooding in from across Russia.

To be eligible for Russia’s 13% flat rate income tax, however, Depardieu would have to be resident in the country for at least six months of every year. But he was non-committal about whether he would move permanently to his new homeland.”

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I think most people would balk at the prospect when they saw the status of civil rights and social security (not the program but the concept) in Russia.

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To any that wish to do so, I say goodbye and good riddance. Enjoy your new-found lack of civil rights and freedom. And if you get sent off to a gulag for harboring political ideas Putin doesn’t embrace, don’t expect us to spring you.

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SEALS Team 6 doesn’t save Russian citizens.

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All the spies together with everyone else who wants to.

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I think at some point Gérard Depardieu will regret his decision. Will the French people take him back?

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@mattbrowne If the French don’t want him, I am sure the American government would love to get their hands on his money.

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Almost none. there are so many deductions available in the US, the bottom line tax rate is so much lower than 13%, it would be foolish to move to a flat rate tax area. Most of the $1M and over pay a bottom line tax rate closer to 2.5%.

(compiled from 14,000+ tax returns completed for the 2011 tax year)

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Gérard Depardieu is a hack actor and egotistic punk. Russia is a supremely corrupt country run by Czar want-to-be’s and organized crime. They are so corrupt, they make our congress seem honest.

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I agree. He once pissed on an airplane carpet. That tells it all!

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I hope all that are greedy and unpatriotic enough to leave the nation that made them rich rather than pay their fair share to keep it going will go to Russia. Putin can use some extra money to expand his palatial dacha.

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