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What terrific, wonderful objective qualities do you love in your child?

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 4th, 2013
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They are habitually kind.

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I love the fact that I don’t currently have a child.

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I don’t believe in objectively seeing anything, really. I think my kids are amazing, as many parents do of their own children. But I know what you’re trying to say. I love that my youngest is not a pushover, he’s a force. I love that my oldest keeps on kissing me and hugging me at night until I stop him. He overflows with kindness and feeling for others.

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Explain: I don’t believe in objectively seeing anything, really.

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@zensky When it comes to humans, our families, emotions. There is no such thing.

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Yes, I know where I post my questions.

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I love my niece’s lack of materialism and her ability to be satisfied with what she has. She is the kind of girl who “can’t think of anything she needs” when you ask her about a present and I am the exact opposite. I always have a list of things “I need.” :(

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@Gabby101 My son is like that and the inspiration for this question.

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They are smart (based on grades and tests), funny (they make me giggle like nothing else), and loving (their hugs are the best!)

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She is very articulate and forms her thoughts well (when she’s not over tired).

She has a good sense of fairness and right and wrong.

She stands up for herself and others.

She’s very organized (like me).

She takes school seriously and does well, but is not above being ridiculously silly.

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She’s a flare off the old rampart mama.
Bright, articulate, funny as hell, insatiably curious, straightforward and direct, artistically gifted, a walking Trivial Pursuit game, all packaged into one really pretty girl!
It pays to breed your own!
Considering I should never have bred with her father it was a lucky roll of the DNA, and the winner takes all! lol

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They are kind and caring of other people’s needs and they each have a wonderful, wacky sense of humour. They aren’t materialistic and are very grounded. They each, in their own ways, often touch my heart. While they share these things in common, they are also very much individuals.

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