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Do you become a pseudo psychologist online?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1423points) January 5th, 2013

Say you read a text entered by another given user of a network you consult. Of course it is rather automatic for you to promptly brew up an opinion. Whether you express it or not for yet other users to view, do you find yourself evaluating the nature of the given person’s statement’s aspect, the emotional motives. Perhaps scrutinising the format and disposition of the body of text to find clues overall psychology of the person? Or even their lifestyle or emotional position in society? Do you trust your judgement? (Though a psychologist would conclude through evaluation without judgement, thus differing from the lot of us who might not do so). And what do you tend to do: encourage, applaud, second, disapprove, scorn or discourage; of course depending on the nature and quality of the statement?

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I try, but find I can be reactive and motivated by my own internal world. So for me the ideal would be seeing it from a more holistic perspective, such as you have mentioned.

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I’ve done a lot of personal growth work and consider myself quite psychologically savvy but aside from a few blips here and there, it is impossible to “counsel” anyone online, and I have no desire to go beyond some basic modest sharings, and I am not a qualified therapist.
A few words from nameless, faceless well okay…I put my face up today in my avatar for a brief moment in time haha stranger in an online forum are not going to make any significant difference to someone truly suffering from some sort of disorder or psychological distress.

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There is so little information that people provide here that I find myself always filling in a back story for people. I take the clues and make a bigger picture. In certain cases, I do better than others, because I have a background in mental illness, and I can recognize details that other people might not recognize because they don’t have that experience.

But that does not make me a psychologist, pseudo, or otherwise.

On the other hand,, I do feel I have the expertise needed to discuss meds, since I take them, and know many people who take them. I have a great deal more experience than most people in psychological medications. More experience even than some therapists.

And, even though I’ve never taken a course in mindfulness, I believe I understand it, simply because I’ve used similar techniques to help myself. But I usually take care to present my experience as my experience, and let people draw their own conclusions, unless they ask for an opinion, in which case I may give it, but I’ll always say they should see a psychiatrist.

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Yeah, I guess I’m guilty of being a pseudo psychologist. I don’t worry about it though because I only respond to questions I have personal experience with. I know the questioner will accept only what they find helpful or applicable, or simply ignore my suggestion.

In any event, I never share anything maliciously, so no harm is done.

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@SABOTEUR I agree and do the same. I only share what I have had experience with. Take it or leave it. :-)

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What’s interesting is I used to worry quite a bit about advising people until someone advised me that I have no way of knowing who I should help or how they should accept whatever I was willing to share. It’s beyond my control.

People who need what you have to offer seem to somehow cross your path. I’ve learned you don’t have to worry about what you share (or advise, if you prefer); if you listen, they’ll tell you exactly what it is they need from you.

You give what they ask for.

How they accept what you share is up to them. My only real requirement is a willingness to share…and to do so responsibly.

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If I did, how would that make you feel?

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On second, I have to get my note pad to scribble. Oh, ok. I’m ready!
So what brought this question about?
Have you been thinking about it long?
Do you feel you are being judged on fluther?

I may a little from time to time, but back to you.

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If I have had a similar situation, I will share my experience in how I dealt with it personally. I would never say my way is the best way or only way, but it is a method that helped me. I don’t think that constitutes being a pseudo-psychologist.

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@rooeytoo I agree. I chose not to acknowledge the seemingly negative connotation and opted instead to take a positive approach.

Now that I think about it, it’s hard for anyone not to be a so-called pseudo-psychologist when responding to certain questions. It comes with the territory when participating in Q&A forums.

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I used to, but I went too far when I diagnosed a virtual person as having a dubious disorder. I was sued with a made-up malpractice suit. I then lost my fake license and my membership in the APPA*. ;-(

*American Pseudo Psychological Association.

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@wundayatta Whoah.

@Blondesjon probably the same way you’d feel if I did it to you.

1— Pleasant / funny comments like yours, of people around the net.
2— No. just flashed up and I typed it.
3— I don’t use fluther that much, or in any way that would generate such susceptibility to feel judged and thus feel disturbed.
I’m sorry that you occasionally do.

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@SABOTEUR Precisely my point. (referring in particular to your last statement).

@rooeytoo Of course it doesn’t if one is not impartial and objective. but it goes without saying that there is no such realistically considerable role as a pseudo-shrink.

@Coloma if by “counselling” you mean giving a good word to make the person feel better OR avoid offering them hurt, because some people are indeed that nasty and yet others that vulnerable then I disagree. It is possible and in fact very likely done by most of us, involuntarily.
In the case of a pathological condition, well.. not much can make a change, of course.
But everything does have an effect, an influence.
I think.

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No, pretentious bullshit, just words on a screen to me.

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Now, now, this is about you. Not about me. Just lay down and take a deep breath and relax.
Now when I say these words, tell me what comes to mind.

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Good answer. You are cured.

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