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Are you popular among your friends? Have you ever wondered whether your friends really like you? Have you ever tried to know what your popularity quotient among your circle of friends is?

Asked by Knowledgeable (56points) January 8th, 2013

Imagine your group of friends is planning to take a short weekend getaway. Who decides the destination?
1)Have you organized many sleepovers at your place?
2)Do most of your friends know your parents?
3)What kind of a solution giver are you?
4)How many times would you be seen alone at school?

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I’m not at school, but I like being alone. I think each friend has something to give and each should have their say. Some friends I have, have never met my family, there is no reason to. But I am an adult.

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I don’t have a “circle of friends”
I have a best friend who goes to a different school. At school I have my boyfriend and a few acquaintances.
I’m okay with that.

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I have, ever since I can remember, wondered how much my friends really like me. Sometiumes I worry that people just tolerate me and that I my be irritating to people. I certainly don’t feel as “cool” or sophisticated as I think some of my friends appear. However, I know that a number of these friends that I am envious of because of their “coolness” do not feel this way about themselves and have similar worries that I do. A lot of people come to me for advice.

Although I have these worries, most of my friends make an equal amount of effort to be my friend as I do to be their’s (for example, it’s not always me that contacts them to arrange get-togethers etc) and so I am gradually becoming less insecure about how genuine they are and how likeable I am. I have started to let go of the people that make me feel like I am the only one making the effort in the friendship as I don’t consider that kind of one way relationship healthy.

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I’ve wondered but it always comes down to me really not caring much. If someone acts like they like me and I like them, it’s all good. Anything more is a waste of time and mental capacity to me.

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I don’t spend any time wondering how much my friends like me. Rather I spend my time trying to be a good friend. I’m assuming they do like me or they wouldn’t invite me out and over.

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