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Are you a great best friend?

Asked by Knowledgeable (56points) January 8th, 2013

According to you, what makes a best friend?

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I don’t believe in best friends, I left that behind at school. I have an assortment of people whom I enjoy.

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Woof-Woof! :¬)

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I’m very loyal to the concept of friendship. I have a small cadre of “best friends” who’ve been in and out of my life—some for many decades. And I can always get back to an easy place with them. To expose my dark side (aim the rotten tomatoes now), I actually find that I “talk behind their backs” quite a bit. That is to say I ridicule/mock their tragic flaws. And that’s not very friendly.

I’ve given lots of thought to this because it is a trait I desire to change in myself. And I don’t have the answer as to why I do this yet . . . the closest I can get to it is possibly a “humanizing” of folks whose relationships seem almost supernatural to me.

What makes a best friend? I can only say it’s just the easy flow of conversation when you’ve been apart for a long time. It’s as if you fall back into a rhythm that is natural and mutually rewarding. I will do anything a “best friend” asks (assuming it’s legal, of course); and I’d expect the same from the other direction.

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Nah, I don’t want any one person all up in my business and I don’t like to share my personal thoughts with anyone really. I’m a rock, I’m an island. :)

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I probably won’t make the best friend. I’m a good person and all, I’m just extremely reserved and would rather be doing solitary activities. I do make a good listener though and I’m great at keeping secrets so I’m just like that person people like to vent off to. I guess to me a best friend would never stab me in the back and understand I need my alone time and all that jazz.

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I agree with @Shippy I don’t call anyone my best friend, although if I were to, it would be my 25 yr. old daughter. She is my most treasured pal and I am so diggin’ our adult relationship the last few years.
Yes, I am a good friend, supportive and loyal, as long as you don’t play games with me, or drone on and on about relationship bullshit, in which case I have no problem dropping you as if you never existed. lol

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I try to be a good friend. The difference between a best friend and a good friend is merely who you tend to spend most of your time with. I have friends I am very close to. I think they are great. I hope they think I’m great. They probably do, or else they wouldn’t spend time with me.

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