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Are medical spa treatments safe?

Asked by sallen501 (4points) January 8th, 2013

Can it go wrong as well?

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It depends on who performs the treatments. Some spas hire R.N.‘s to inject Botox and facial fillers. If the R.N. is specially trained and experienced, the procedures are likely to be safe and effective. But, I would run far away from anyone other than a medical professional.

I believe that this is a matter of state regulation. In some areas, only a licensed health care provider can do these sorts of injections. In other places, any hack with a syringe can perform them.

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Anyone telling you there’s no risk of complications is full of shit. I work for a Vein Surgical practice and we see patients with botched sclerotherapy all of the time. Even though it’s just injections (I believe the only requirement is being an LPN) it’s one of the most technically difficult of all of the procedures we do. There are many surgeons in town who aren’t very good at it, so it’s not just having the degree, but also having the experience, and the proper technique/training too.

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