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Is it really worth buying the Universal Express pass for Universal Studio Orlando?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1911points) March 18th, 2012

We are planning to visit Orlando parks (Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida) at the first week of this April and don’t know is it worth considering buying Orlando “Free pass” (fast line-up ) at popular attractions. Is it?

We were at Disney Paris last year and used the “free pass” (no need to pay for it) and it was worth, but still some of the facilities we waited for one-two hours at line. We visit each park all day, but the park was closed very early, about 6–7 fm.

Does April month is a busy season in these parks? Should we spend money on that?

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I haven’t been in 6ish years so this info may be dated… But…. Universal is not nearly as extensive or large as Disney. Don’t get me wrong, both of their parks are awesome, and you’ll still need a full day to experience either… But in my experience, I finished both parks, in one day (each), to my hearts content…. without really using any free pass or special stuff. It may make it go a bit smoother though.

The rides at Island of Adventure are the best combination/set in Orlando. I didn’t like Studios as much, but it’s much more similar to the Disney parks in that it derives largely from movies and stuff. Studios also takes longer in my experience.

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For sure. Ive been there a couple times now and the express pass IMO is a must. You could def go through the park in a day without it but if you want to be able to ride things more than once/not spend up to two hours in some lines go for the pass.

Btw Harry Potter land is truly magical and butter beer is the GREATEST drink ever. Have fun

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