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Wanna be a detective?

Asked by LucasGrillon (21points) January 9th, 2013

Do you like investigating small-small things?
Do you really want to be a detective?
Do you possess essential items like magnifying glasses, gloves, eavesdropping equipment, and so on?
Have you ever bugged someone’s home, to listen to all the conversations that happen in there?

Many thanks.

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Nope, don’t need to do that. I can do all the stalking I want on the internet. And I don’t need to answer questions from another site.

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When I was younger, from about 6–10 years age, my friends and I would follow around strangers and spy on them for a few minutes…..I hope we managed to be discreet, and didn’t make tons of people paranoid :-/

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Every time I watch a CSI type show, I think borrrring. And I know that I don’t have the personality traits necessary to be a law enforcement type detective. They spend all that time and effort pursuing answers that may or may not ever be found; answers that may not even exist. I need the possibility of short term rewards in order to maintain interest.

But, spying on someone for fun could be…interesting.

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I’d put estate agents under house arrest, Sherlock Homes, that’s me.

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No, I don’t have those things, but I’d love to have spy cams, and binoculars to peep through peoples windows. I am a peeping Tom, Taryn? A peeping person .

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I don’t want to be a detective, but I wouldn’t have minded being Sam Spade in “The Maltese Falcon”—except for the getting knocked out or beat up part. I always loved one critic’s comment about that movie that Bogart made dialing a telephone look painful.

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Actually yes, I used to think being a detective would be loads of fun. I also had my own little stake out years ago when I found my ex husband who had skipped out on his child support.
I parked across from his apartment building at 5 am in the dark and waited til he emerged and tailed him downtown to his new office where I then turned the info. over to my attorney. Busted!
I was quite good, even peeing in a coffee cup in my car and not spilling a drop.

Undercover Skirt filled it to the rim with Brim. lol

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