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Why do detectives in movies or shows like CSI always wear long coats?

Asked by NathanESP (100points) July 6th, 2009

Surely if they wanted to remain unseen, they’d be less stereotypically dressed.

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Because after they finish work, they like to flash old ladies in the park.

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Because coats flapping in the wind looks super-cool in the slo-mo medium long shots.

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Keeps blood splatter off their pants.

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Hides the fact they are carrying shotguns, and that they were the suspect all along .

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I think it’s a nod to the great, if fictional, Sherlock Homes.

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i think it’s a relic from the film-noir era, all those guys wore trenchcoats too

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I wonder why they are always in places where there is no electricity. Everyone who dies in those crime shows, dies after the electric bill is not paid. I just don’t think looking for evidence with flash lights is very effective…

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Because everyone’s trying to look like a 1930’s gumshoe.

Or Rorschach.

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