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Is it possible (even remotely) to achieve peace using social media and modern communications?

Asked by Strauss (20327points) January 9th, 2013

I saw this on and was moved and inspired. Ronny Edry, a graphic designer, shared a poster on Facebook of himself and his daughter with the message: “Iranians…we [<3] (heart) you.” By initiating communication where it was once forbidden, letting the people of “enemy” nations know that they are loved by the ones who are supposedly their enemy, a chain reaction of love was started, showing the world that the peoples’ opinion is not always the same as that of their governments. The reaction came not only from Iranians, not only from other Israelis, but also from residents of the US, Australia, from Palestinians, Europeans of every sort, and soon the message became viral.

Could this be the tip of the iceberg of a new “pacifist” movement?

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It would be wonderful if it was. But people are the authors of war and warlike behavior, and I don’t see any end to that.

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I didn’t think it will be but we saw how fast and effective ideas went spreading across borders through social media in Egypt and now Mubarak is no more. Possible? Yes. Guaranteed? Only if this FB post stop Iranians from developing nuclear weapons. But that would be the mother’s mother of all IFs.

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Search the terms abortion, politics, homosexuality, and cats here on Fluther and you’ll have your answer.

this is not meant to be snide. i believe that the collective is head and shoulders above many, many, many other social sites in terms of intelligence and open mindedness . . . until it comes to issues like those above and then all that ever present human-ness comes out.

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Even Fluther wouldn’t work without moderators keeping hostile users in check. Sometimes there’s even more verbal violence online and people are nicer to each other face to face.

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My optimist side hopes so.

My pessimist side thinks:

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@phaedryx – Great article!

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Piffle. Writing that you love someone is not love. Love is action. This is like online petitions. They don’t mean anything. You want to love the Iranians, then you have to take serious action, such as pressuring your government to remove sanctions. Oooh. I wonder how many of those love birds would be left if they had to talk to a legislator about Iran.

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