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Which Linux distribution is worth giving a try for a new user and on what preference?

Asked by cooltaj (16points) July 2nd, 2007

Have considered looking at ubuntu but the interface is not one that attracts new user although it might have good suport.

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What about Kubuntu? All the goodness of Ubuntu with a totally different (you may prefer it) interface.

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Or Xubuntu, it works better on older computers and is more responsive on newer ones. You shouldn't let the interface scare you off anyway, as almost everything can be customized (theme, layout of panels, what's on your panel, etc.). And then I don't mean the customization that you can do with Windows (changing of colours - wow!).

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My rabid open source user friends say Ubuntu is the only way to go. Kubuntu, and Xubuntu are basically the same base but with different interfaces and desktop environments. Ubuntu uses Gnome which my open source friends prefer. Kubuntu uses KDE, which they are not wild about. Xubuntu is much more minimalist but why not embrace the hardware power? Good luck!

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concur: the various versions of ubuntu are absolutely the best beginner distros.

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I am currently trying out various distros and the ones i found most useful are

1.ubuntu and its variants
3.simply mepis

Of these i would suggest ubuntu or its variants because of its excellent hardware support -meaning to say that it recognizes your screen resolution automatically ,your network card and your internet connection and also detects all your windows partitions and files.The synaptic file manager helps in easy updates as well .As already mentioned by the other contributers you can manage your interface very easily.
U might also want to download the opensuse dvd and give it a try - it offers two different user interfaces which you can select and it did all the things i mentioned previously.The one reason i prefer ubuntu is the massive user base which makes trouble shooting easy and trust me u would need all the help u can get in the beginning.

Later on u might want to try installing a less "userfriendly" distro on an old computer using the command line - that is when u would really learn linux.Ubuntu will help u get interested and start.Good luck to u , my friend !

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Linux Mint is built on Ubuntu, but is way more compatible with wifi and video cards and such right out of the box. If you have a problem, they have a pretty good support and you can use alot of the advise for ubuntu users.

Linux Mint is also a lot better looking than Ubuntu. Essentially, it's Ubuntu, but better looking and more compatible with more machines, but newer. That's my pick. I love it.

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It sort of depends on whether you’re into the whole “Free Software” movement and don’t want any proprietary software on your machine. If you’re like me and you don’t mind running a few non open-source programs, I would check out Ubuntu Ultimate edition – It’s just like ubuntu, but with a lot more themes, several desktop environments to choose from, and lots of software that doesn’t come bundled with the vanilla buntu distro for legal reasons (video codecs, etc.). Here’s the link if you’re interested:

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