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Just learned collection agcy sued me without notice, what to do?

Asked by scots_6mama (10points) January 13th, 2013

State of OK, debt now 6yrs past limitations, not to mention written off. Now collection agency, only the 10th one who bought debt since. I know cuz friend looking court records, come across my name. Suit was filed by lawyer in Tulsa Co Jan 2,2013. I have never received any notices, since I have been in Iowa full time since Dec 2009. I do know, however, that they have been sending mail (tho NO summons or registered mail) to my son’s address in OK. I have NEVER lived with him at that address. He moved there when I had to let my house foreclose. I had good job FT on Ticket to Work Program through SSA, cuz I’m disabled and tried to return to work. Lost that job, they didn’t pay me the $16k in severance pay. Didn’t expect them not to pay me, no, no signature. Health failed thereafter income is still SSDI. No assets of course, rent assistance. How do I handle this suit?

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I think you are going to need a lawyer. If you can’t afford one, you should go to legal aid and they should help you without charge.

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