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If I buy a new landline phone, can I just plug it in and have it recognize my number?

Asked by janbb (62917points) 1 week ago

Or do I have to set something up.

In General.

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If I remember correctly, all you have to do is plug it in. The number is in the phone line.

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^^^^ The wires coming into your house are the phone number. ^^^^

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If you’re nervous about it, you can always call your cell from the landline and see the number that comes up (on the cell).

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Just plug it in!

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Agree. Just plug it in. Your line knows the number, not the phone.

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Unless you have VOIP (voice over internet) service in which case you may need an adapter and other equipment. I have VOIP as my home service, and it is not as simple as “just plug it in”.

Details matter.

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The above answers all assume that you have an existing landline phone account connected to your house. If so, and you are just replacing the phone, just plug it in.

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Just plug it in.

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Plug it in, plug it in, plug it in.

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So – what do you think guys, should I plug it in?

Thanks all!

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Remember when phones had to be installed? Then there was the 4-pronged plug, and finally the smaller plug we’re all used to now.

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@janbb Plug it in!

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Regardless of whether your phone is tied to a DSL or fiber optic, it’s connected to a specific line equipment location in the central office.

Your LEL is linked to a specific point in a central office voice/data processor, where it’s assigned to your phone number.

All of the above is what gives you your phone service.

Some of that might change if any of the components become faulty, but ultimately the central office will provide the same service from your phone number to your phone.

So the CO is what gives you those services, and your phone is what gives you access to those services.

Also, last November I connected a new phone to the cable going to my jack, and my service remains unchanged.

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@zenvelo Just bought it and now I have to figure out how it goes together. Then I promise Iwill plug it in.

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Is it cordless, @janbb? If so, just put the batteries in, plug it in, charge it for about half a day and you’re ready to go.

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Thanks all! I think I’m fine.

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The number is in the line. You must have subscribed for a landline with your local telephone service provider. Once the service is activated and you have functioning jack in your house, you can plug a landline telephone set into one of the jacks and have good POTS (plain old telephone service). It cannot be beat for voice communication.

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“Just bought it and now I have to figure out how it goes together.”

All my current phone included was the hand piece, body, and 1 connecting cord.
Does yours include additional parts?

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@janbb When is the last time you bought a landline phone?

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