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Hast thou done art lately?

Asked by mazingerz88 (21891points) January 14th, 2013

Have you done any art lately? Would you share it here so we could appreciate and enjoy it as well? It does not have to be a Mona Lisa. Even a foggy bathroom mirror doodling would do. Butter sculpture?

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Is your question specifically about visual art, or do performing arts count? If the performing arts are allowed, then I acted in Shakespeare’s Richard III just last summer. It’s still fresh in my mind. I love the smell of the grease paint and the roar of the crowd.

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I’m pretty much down to decorating my house for various special occasions and watching my two youngest grandkids create things from various toys and supplies I give them.

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I think right now I’m making an art out of procrastination.

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@Hawaii_Jake Performing arts as well. Oh, if only you have even a short clip of that performance in YouTube! : )

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@mazingerz88 I wish I had a clip to put on YouTube, but I don’t. sigh.

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I don’t do much art aside from film photography which I do think is a beautiful thing that I wish wasn’t dying out. Many areas of the desert make it easy to be a photographer but I think something about this picture was really enhanced by the fact that it’s actual film and not a digital photo. I feel like there’s more depth, or maybe the shadows are better or something. Or, maybe it just makes me so happy to see, and that’s why I like it so much.

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My last drawing in progress. I can’t find a picture of the finished portrait.

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I commit art from time to time. But just for myself and my mental health.

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@DigitalBlue Love that, that’s awesome

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I did this last weekend. There’s more in the works as well.

It’s my best friend’s house. Mine is the blonde.

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@DigitalBlue That is so good! Wow!

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@Seek_Kolinahr likewise. I’ve been daydreaming about murals in my house for a while, that looks really beautiful.

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Amazing contributions. I wish I had that talent.

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@deni That is gorgeous. And I think you’re right. You can see about a million miles away. The perspective just goes on forever.

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Air-brush giant snowflakes (approx 10 inch) + fleece fabric = scarves in the next few days.

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I draw birds constantly. It’s probably getting annoying to my facebook friends.

I also make jewelry and needlefelt, but I don’t have pictures of those things right now. Maybe when I’m not feeling so exceptionally lazy I will share.

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I spoke to a bunch of kids as Private Silas Goodrich. Assistant cook and bottle washer as well as expert fisherman for the Corps of Discovery.

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Not lately, but my more popular er…doodles (out of my not very popular at all collection of simple stuff) are

It’s just the odd one or two folks downloading this one:

And this is one of the reasons I chose lightsourcetrickster as a name.

Make of it what you will.

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@ragingloli you’re not trying to replicate a Biker Mice From Mars look with that one are you?

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No. I never even watched it.

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Looks like one of em…mind you if my memory serves me correctly (which is not exactly always these days) they all looked pretty much the same.

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My love is photography. One of my favorites from this past year is baby bird. I also have bee on sunflower and summer storm.

@Mariah I love your birds!

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Not really lately. The main reason I believe for this is because I’m not in school right now. When I’m in class I get bored a lot so I draw :P . Since winter break started I think I only drew a couple times when I was drunk and bored.

I generally take a lot of pictures but the weather has just been so cold and or raining that I really haven’t been able to go out and take pictures for a while.

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My most artistic pursuit at the moment is my photography. This is one I took of Watson’s Bay. You can just see the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.

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@mariah I carve birds a lot, they are my favorite, especially the long necked water birds. I also carve anything that happens to pop into my mind when I see a twisty piece of wood!

@DigitalBlue – that is fantastic, is it pencil or pen, I couldn’t tell? Either way it is great.
@deni – that’s an excellent photograph, I bet it would look neat in b & w. Do you really think it is better because it is on film? I see some absolutely amazing photography done with digital.
@jonsblond – they are great photographs, the baby bird is a scary looking creature!
@hawai jake – next time have someone video you, we want to see!

I love these art questions, it is like a trip to the gallery!

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Thanks @jonsblond!

@rooeytoo, you carve?! I want to see!!

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I too am thrilled to see the beautiful paintings, drawings, photos and carving you are all doing.

(What’s with the “Have thou”? It’s either “hast thou” or “have you”.)

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@Mariahhere is a batch I did quickly. I wanted to have one for everyone I work with. These are only about a foot tall, I did one out of a tree stump in a friend’s yard that was almost 5’ tall, that was so fun!

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THOSE ARE SO. COOL. I love the glossy finish on them.

I tried to get into carving at one point, but didn’t have the muscle for it. I tried using a dremel but got a lung infection soon after, don’t know for sure if it was related, but there was a lot of dust flying around, so I wouldn’t be surprised. Haven’t really tried again since. Someday, maybe. With a mask.

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@rooeytoo Wow. Nice. Very nice…

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I found myself asking the same question as @gailcalled, but I figured she’d probably beat me to posing it.

I write poetry (most often these days in French) when I get drunk and melancholy. Then I edit it when I’m sober. Sometimes it turns out pretty decent. Haven’t done any visual art since high school.

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@Mariah and @mazingerz88 – thank you both. I carve with a wood disc on an angle grinder and then finish with a Foredom which is a rotary shaft grinding tool. I only have access to super hard woods so I killed a couple of Dremmels before I found the heavy duty stuff. And yes I wear a mask, and a full face protector, it is dirty dusty business. But I love it. Thank you both for appreciating it!

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@rooeytoo thank you, it’s pencil. Your carvings are absolutely gorgeous!
@Mariah beautiful colors, I love your birds.

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Yes, I write poetry, but if it’s art or not I cannot tell you.
I painted a painting a couple of weeks ago, too.

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@dabbler “The Crows” looks like it needs to be an album cover.

@ragingloli, @lightsourcetricksterBIKER MICE FROM MARS! Holy cow. Blast from the past.

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