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Do good technical recruiters exist? If so, how would you find one?

Asked by tedibear (17912points) January 17th, 2013

My husband is job hunting and has 20 years of various types of engineering experience. (Electrical, mechanical and computer.) Any time he gets a call from a recruiter regarding his resume’, they say they have great jobs for him, but they’re almost always entry level or jobs in areas where he has no experience.

I know these recruiters have quotas to make, but I feel that they are wasting his time when they call. It has gotten a frustration point and he doesn’t return phone calls from them.

He is not a networking type of person, so he doesn’t really have anyone to ask about these things.

Jellies that are experienced, seasoned workers, have you had any success using a recruiting firm? If so, how did you find them?

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I’ve never used a recruiting firm. From what I understand, they find you. Usually they recruit you from a high level position you are already working in. You need an “executive” recruiting firm, not just the ordinary ones, if you are looking for higher level positions.

Your husband may not like networking, but he has to do it if he wants to get a good job, unless he’s really lucky. You don’t find good jobs without talking to people. Resumes aren’t worth that much, except in overheated job markets. He should ask all his friends at work if they know a good firm. He should also ask any people he meets at conferences who they would recommend.

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@tedibear Is he a member of any professional associations ? Most have a job bank or have recruiters page for members to post their resumes.

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There are some good ones, my requirements include
-never send my resume anywhere without asking me first (tell them you’re working with another recruiter too and won’t tolerate resumes crossing for the same job).
-never send me on an interview that’s not useful

Network enough to ask friends to recommend a recruiter they like.
They might know the recruiter because they got a job through them, or because the recruiter sends them only good resumes.

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I’m on The recruiters seem to find me.

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Recruiters are crap in the tech industry. He should get involved with the tech community, e.g. go to a local monthly meetup for something in the industry he’s passionate about, join some mailing lists, etc. That’s where a lot of good opportunities are going to come from.

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I agree with burntbonez, it would be a good idea for him to learn how to network…That will help him deal with the recruiters too…
Some associations have websites and job databases, has he tried those? In my opinion those are the ones that inform you the most about the jobs you’re looking for. Linkedin, I agree with the person who mentioned it, that is a good option, and it is based on networking by the way, too. How about tech job fairs, too?

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Of course, I didn’t ask whether he is currently working and thus doesn’t want anyone else to know that he’s applying. In that case, the networking would come in handy.

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Might it be useful for him to reconsider how he interviews too? Maybe there’s something he can do to manage his “personal branding” in front of recruiters as well. It might be easier to help if we know what kind of position (at least the type of level) he’s shooting for.

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Oh, and within the U.S. I haven’t tried to be placed by a recruiting firm by the way

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