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TGIF (Thank God It's Fluther) question: would you dare care to share a wonderful experience on Fluther you've recently had?

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 18th, 2013

It’s Meta so YES names please. But only if you have something nice to say.

Alternately, if you feel like venting and ranting about something on Fluther – please go for it. But try to be concise; as the great M. Twain once said; sorry this is such a long letter – I didn’t have time to write a short one.

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Someone on Fluther wanted to know what could take the place of sex…I forgot who…I racked my brain and struggled to give an intelligent reply but all to no avail. It was fun all the same.
Who would have thought I would become a masturbation activist?

BTW…not sure that Mark Twain said that or if he was the only one. Check it out

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A fellow Flutherite and I walked the Great Wall of China.

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I amused a jelly friend who will be learning at the CIA. ;-)

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@Earthgirl (Not that it proves anything – it may just be a different variation on a theme.)

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There have been several lately! Backstory: Last summer, my job here was scaled back to part-time, with a very small salary. It amounted to a 90% pay cut, and I’ve been really struggling financially since then.

Last fall, I got a job doing freelance editing to supplement my income…all thanks to a jelly (who prefers to go unnamed). Not only does it bring in some extra money, it turns out I really love the work! I can’t thank this jelly enough.

In order to do that job well, I needed to update my computer in a hurry – but I had no money to do so. When JohnPowell heard about that, he bought a computer for me and told me to not worry about paying him back until I was in a better financial situation. Such a good guy!

About a month ago, I had no heat in the house and was freezing my butt off (it’s the middle of winter here). A jelly friend offered to buy me an electric blanket, but I just couldn’t accept her offer. (She said I was being too stubborn for my own good, and she was probably right!) Unbeknownst to me, two other jelly friends were plotting in secret. They pitched in and surprised me with an electric blanket! All three of these jellies warmed my heart. (I’m not sure how they’d feel about me naming them here, so I’ll leave it up to each jelly to choose to reveal themselves or not.)

Most recently, my home was getting ready to go into foreclosure because I hadn’t been able to keep up with my payments. I finally broke down and asked Bendrew for a large pay advance, offering to pay it back $25 at a time. Rather than granting me the advance, they gave me the money as a bonus! Now my house is safe, and I can breathe a little easier! For the time being, at least.

This is not to mention all the everyday acts of kindness jellies are so good at. Friendship and support, most of all. I lurve you people.

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^^ That post is filled with some beautiful moments and all well deserved @augustlan.

I enjoyed the chat on New Year’s Eve with a few jellies I haven’t really spoken to before.

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La la la – Wunday is a topic Wunday is a topic.


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I’ve had so many. I get such lovely PM’s from people who care. They ask how my day is and how I am doing. I even got a few thank yous for my answers to their questions. One was even a Jelly just passing through. It really makes my day.

I have also laughed a lot, I find some jellies hilarious, oh my!!! @zensky you are one of them. I need to find the posts though. Ha ha

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A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell.

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Old guys don’t kiss and tell, because they can’t remember!

Too many times, I just chuckle and smirk; at and with the jellies.

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A lot of jellies (is that the demographic?) congratulated @NostalgicChills and me on our college acceptance, which was wonderful.

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I am grateful for the friendship of some very kind and supportive jellies on here. Y’all know who you are ;) It really feels like a community.
It has also been pretty cool to finally run into some people in the chat room. I had a pillow fight with Symbeline recently, and also got to shoot the shit with Wundayatta and zensky for a bit. Also, a drunken chat with some of the mods on New Year’s Eve :-p

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PS @bookish1 – that was redundant; if you’re in chat you are drunk.

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I’ve had a lot of encouragement over my job situation over the last 6 months or so, and I’ve greatly appreciated it.

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Cuz we lurve ya Jakey. And cuz you da best.

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No, zen, you da best!

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I haven’t been here long, and don’t know anyone well, and I haven’t had any wonderful experiences yet, but I do think this is a wonderful website.

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Well some of it happened a while ago but…mazingerz88 sent me a Fluther mug as a Christmas gift. It was first come first serve, but I love drinking my coffee out of it.

Also one sweet jelly sent me…FOUR huge pillows as a Christmas gift. (a while back) I mean seriously, these are…big. Almost half my size in height. And so soft and comfy! I don’t think they want to be named though, but I LOOVE those pillows.

And Bookish1 left a present in the chat room for me not too long ago…it’s my avatar. It was awesome, I just waltzed in there after he invited me, then it’s all like, SURPRISE and there’s the pillow picture waiting for me.

There’s a user here, ONLY138. He doesn’t really post that much here, and we actually met on AssBag, but we’re great friends, and I’m pretty sure Fluther has something to do with that. We live far away from one another, but if we didn’t I’d drink all his beer.

Also one cool Fluther thing is at one point I pretty much told everyone on the site, in a question, that I was an alcoholic. Anyone who knows me even a bit knows about this, but it’s really cool how nobody judged me for it haha. I was kinda thinking, maybe I’ll just leave after asking that question lol. I got some advice and support, and otherwise, people just treated me as they always did, so that kicks ass. I was all like, oh man, what are these? Tears?? Get off me you wet fucks!

But there’s some guy on here, I think his name is Zensky…he freaks me out. ’‘hides in Zenny’s couch cushions XD’’

A lot of kick ass stuff went down up in this bitch with a lot of people. I miss back when Vunessuh, MilkyWay, RedFeather, WillWorkForChoclate and I pretty much had internet orgies all over every thread.

Also, The Yarnpocalypse. That was fuckin’ historical.

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I don’t have anything specific, other than Fluther making me smile, laugh, sometimes making me horny, giving me good advice when I ask for it, giving me something to do while my daughter watches TV, giving me some relief from boredom at work and having some Jelly friends in my FB. I do have a chance to possibly get together with some Jellies if one (above, unnamed) comes to NYC, which is not a confirmed visit yet.

I do have fond memories of the Yarnpocalypse, like @Symbeline does!

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