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Conflicted, help me out: I miss this place, but I especially miss many oldtimers who have left: could you be my new jelly friend?

Asked by zenzen (4082points) August 29th, 2013

Question is – for me to spend time and energy here, I need for the place to have the feel it had back in the day – with the Founders, with – well – you know who I mean.

Can this new batch of jellies here, say, those in the mansion who have been here for a few months or so plus, become that kind of a sane, smart, sophisticated and especially funny group of yesteryear?


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That depends. How many drinks ya gonna buy me?

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How many you need? I got paypal, pal.

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Hi @zenzen!
The only thing certain is change, but some of us are still around. Glad to see you!

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I lurve you, Captain!

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I don’t always feel “fun” here, I’m not a very silly girl, but I’d love to get to know you. Seek is a good reference!

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@KNOWITALL, @zenzen has been here in many incarnations probably since the beginning. He’s been gone for a little bit but he had very much influenced the spirit of the collective. I hope he sticks around again. You’ll love him.

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Hey Captain, welcome back. I’m not a founder, I came in 2010, but I miss a lot of the old members. I don’t know what the answer is. I know a lot of the new jellies bring a lot to the collective. Maybe some us second wavers need to step it up and show the leadership for the next generation of jellies?

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I miss a bunch of people too, but @Judi is still here! She’s been here longer than we have and she’s the bestest! :)

Good to see you Zen.

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It’s like the 6th season of a TV show, where a lot of the cast has left, but been replaced with others who have potential. You miss the original cast, but you can’t deny the likability of the new ones.
I am glad to see you back! Welcome home!

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I am still the smart, sophisticated and may I add sexy Penguin bubby I have always been. Always glad to have you back.

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Glad to see your current incarnation. I have been here from alpha.

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I’m a spicy little moon goddess; but I’m not here enough to make a mark. I know you could love me if you tried. Won’t you be my friend? And welcome back!!

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Okay everyone, @zenzen wants Fluther to feel like “home” again. Make it so.

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You’ve been here longer than I have, @zenzen, and in more iterations, too. (I’m only on my third.)

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Like @janbb, I am still the smart, sophisticated and may I add sexy Pachyderm male counterpart to bubby I have always been.

I once had another Fluther avatar but no need to get into that.

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Go make me a sandwich, then we can talk.

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I have to ask Jeruba to add the bob as my communicator again. Lost the original. You always make me laugh @bob_ . Sandwich, pastrame on rye , a little mustard, engage.

Lurve you all for the welcome. I think @Adirondackwannabe hit the nail on the head.

So where are the noobs – near noobs – old noobs? How do you like Fluther so far? Has it become your home away from home? Had a fluther dream yet? Done some flunking = fluthering while drunk?


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I was at Fluther for a bit, left, and have only occasionally returned since then. Hence, I cannot answer for Fluther itself.

However, I have been on other websites, one a q & a website I have been on since 2007. I have asked repeatedly the same questions. How can it be the same, how can it feel like home (definition: how I liked it in the old days) when most of my friends are long gone, most of my friends that came later are also long gone, and the original staff is gone. I look at the website today and shake my head, wondering where it went and what the hell replaced it. I am one of the few oldtimers left, most of us bemoaning the loss of the old place.

I do not know if the changes on Fluther are as drastic as the ones at the site I mentioned above but, if they are, you have to decide if you like the new Fluther as much as you liked the old Fluther.

From what I have seen of Fluther, the website has not had such drastic changes, however, and, were I in your shoes, I would give it a whirl. Of course, as I said, I do not know Fluther well enough to make that judgement.

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You never walk into the same river twice, as they say.

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Hi Aris! * waves * How’s Keysha?

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MIlo and I are still here. What more do you need to know?

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@zenzen I love it here & I have and am learning a lot about human nature and psyche’s.

I almost left once because people make fun of my being a Christian, but then some jellies like Seek and Jlesie, Adirondack and others made me realize that everything is up for argument/ debate here, so I try not to take it so personally and if I’m not in the mood, I won’t jump in.

Other than that, I have no complaints.

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I haven’t been here that long, closing my third year now, but it does surprise me how many people have come and gone into my digital life since I first started out. @zenzen you were one of the first to greet me here. A warm welcome like that can help someone stick around. So message some new jellies and charm them into staying, would you?

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You’re just gonna leave again. I have no trust in you zen(?).

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@zenzen I try to friend each of your new incarnations. I have my list of deerly departed too, but Fluther life goes on, and on…

@Arisztid Great to see you here. I hope you can chime in more often.

@Judi How did you miss the memo? That thing about, “The only thing constant is change.” That’s been changed. Right now it’s a mix of, “There is nothing new under the Sun.” and “There’s a first time for everything.”

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And don’t forget the fascinating issue of the study of Group Process.
People come and go; the group dynamic remains the same.

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hey @zenzen! Great to see you back again.

@Aristzit I remember you too, a fellow Second-lifer.

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Even nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.

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Hello old friend.

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I’m just going to swim over here in a corner of the lagoon.

waves a flipper @zenzen

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@Hawaii_Jake Did you say flipper? I knew we were two of a kind!

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@janbb Yes, I’m a turtle masquerading in a lagoon full of jellies.

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Hey! You have to come back. What if I need your help with another new project?

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Still here, still your friend. :)

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I miss some peeps too. Lots of people, actually. I gawx to admit, Fluther isn’t the same for me as it was a while back, but I appreciate what it is, currently. If I didn’t, I’d leave, I guess.
Then again I’m not exactly an old timer, even if I’ve been here a while, since there were many others here long before me.
Anyways, take the site for what it is. Nothing stays the same, changes happen. Some eagles sung about that before…You decide what you like best. As for me, I can’t be what you want if I’m not it. But I think you’re awesome, either way. Welcome the hell back. :)

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@zenzen You’re one of my favoritest!! I’d bring you home with me in a second!

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Did the old-timers wallow in angst when faced with new members? Did they waste their questions on anxiety producing twaddle that conveys pettiness and neurosis? I think not. From what I’ve read on here, those old-timers indulged in questions of philosophical weight, communicated with other members using every means available, used humor like great comedians, and kept their anxieties under control.

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New Jellies are awesome! I should know, I’m one of them. :0)

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@Katniss We’ll give you that one even if you are a Redwing fan.

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@Adirondackwannabe Hahahaha! Wings fans are the best! Don’t pretend like you don’t know that! ;0)
The Wings are far superior to any of those cough NY teams.

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You know I’ve always loved and appreciated you Zen. It’s good to see you back. Stick around a while.


Great to see you back too. I missed you.

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One would like to believe as you do, @DaphneT, one really would. Alas, but not so. Not quite.

The founders… have deserted.

Many of those who remained… detested the newcomers and their gadding about and bruiting of GAs all over the place. “What?” they moaned, groaned and caviled, “You call that a GA? A GA isn’t supposed to be just ‘good’, but great. There is no greatness in ‘Ooooh, that’s a GA, @Andrew’ How does that rate a GA? That’s not even ‘good’, that’s just brown-nosing!”

And in truth, it seems to me (though a relative noob myself) that those with the greatest neuroses have stayed the longest.

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Milo here: Thank you very much.

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There is an exception to every rule.

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Been here 5 years. Checked my neuroses at the door.~

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I was wondering where your bald head has been hiding. Nice to see you again : ) Now let’s talk about some Star Trek recipes. I’m sure Seek would be happy to join us.

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one Romulan Ale apiece, yes? You’ll be passing on the Gagh, right, my vegan friend?

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Hey Zen! I’m glad to see you. Always am.

Now stop navel gazing and get on with it. You’re a great jelly.

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I am sure new faces here will be just as fun, intelligent and friendly if given half the chance.

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You’ve always been a personal favorite on mine Zen. I think our paths first crossed on scrabbled… Adored you ever since : )

Stick, stick, stick! It’ll be fun, fun, fun!!!

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I wondered where you’d got to, nice to see you again.

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Well if @CWOTUS calls himself a noob, I’m one for sure.

I’ve had a Fluther dream: @Adirondackwannabe and @Bellatrix were there, both female. Wanted to sell me some mouldy old house. Does that mean they’re in love with me, and if so, am I pregnant?

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I will!

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@longgone I wouldn’t sell you a mouldy old house. The rest sounds interesting. :)

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Well that hare krishna party today reminded me of old Fluther. What a blast.

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@zenzen Where are you? :-)

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I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

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@Adirondackwannabe You could sell me anything :)

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I cried a little. Luckily, swimming jellies’ tears get washed in the sea. I’ll do my crying in the ocean. What a great thread and what a magnificent bunch of people who happen to have met on a little place called Fluther. I wont go down the list – but Auggie, thanks for keeping the place sane, and together, buddy. Lurve you all.

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By the way, @zenzen, THANK YOU for turning me on to shakshuka. Best quick dinner EVER.

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Shakshuka rocks. Be well and prosper.

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^^ Yes, shakshuka is wonderful. I had it in a Greek/Lebanese restaurant. Kind of reminded me of huevos rancheros.

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Which old timers?

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Not naming names over so many years sorry.

For my secret Israeli Shakshuka recipe… PM me.

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There are plenty of veteran users that still check in….some just answer new questions less than others. I still see the pop-ins. Maybe, if you’d stick to your first account @zenzen and keep following original questions, you’d see them, too

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My first second third fourth fifth? What does that have to do with anything? They are either here or not. I don’t understand.

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@zenzen I highly doubt with every reincarnation you go back and follow all of the original threads you posted on.

Your current profile is new, correct? Therefore you are not following all of the original questions or people you were following with your original profile.

When someone who hasn’t been here in a long time pops in, often they comment on an old thread, and I see it, lurve them and possibly even chat back & forth a bit.

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@SpatzieLover True, true, however, I was referring to friends. They would know I am zen (the picture is always Picard, the name always has zen in it) – and PM a hello or something. They – are gone.

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I just tripped and fell back in here after an long absence, so it’s good to see you Zen.

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I have almost 700 old questions in my “activity” link. It sucks.

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I have 1000 plus. It sucks.

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I don’t think one can have more than 1000 “Questions for you” (to count in the counter). It sucks not knowing how many there really are.

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If I look at one and go back to my questions, there’s still 1000, so there’s obviously more than that, but the counter stops at 1000.

over 9000, bitches!

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@Symbeline So yours says “Activity For You (1000 new)”

Berserker's avatar

Oh, no, I messed up, thought we were talking about the questions, not the activity.

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I only have 200 “questions for you”...why isn’t there a clear all button?

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@Symbeline @cheebdragon
How many do you get a day? I only get 6 or so. Just clear a few a day and soon you’ll be there.

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There is a clear all button on the desktop site.

I zero out everything before bed. Haha.

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I probably get 1 question for me a month….I don’t have very many topics listed and I never look at my questions anyway.

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@cheebdragon And you’re only following 11 people.

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Mystery solved.

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