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What main points would you make in your inaugural address?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30553points) January 19th, 2013

Congratulations! You’ve been elected President of the U.S. of A., and on January 21, 2013, you’ll be sworn into office. There will be much pomp and circumstance, but the thing that will be most remembered and talked about is your speech.

What are the main points you will cover?

I would talk about climate change, equality for all humans globally, peace, and bringing basic necessities to areas of the globe where they are lacking.

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I’d stress the need to work together. But it would be mentioned in relation ship to how the US has overcome it’s differences in the past to work together to a common goal.

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I would talk about the need to strike a balance between shipping US jobs overseas and keeping it here.

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to undo the worthless changes made by the previous administration.

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- To make government less a part of everyone’s lives
– To seek only one term as President
– To try to leave the people alone and stay out of the way as best I can direct the government. (the parts I can control)

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1. America will cease all wars and withdraw its troops from all its overseas bases as soon as it’s safe to do so without destabilizing any reion or state.
2. Polish people will no longer need visas to enter the US.
3. The US military budget will be cut in half and the savings will be invested in healthcare, education, science (+ ventures into nearby space i.e. a base on the Moon and later on the terraforming and colonization of Mars), and from now on America will limit its interference with other states’ matters to conflict prevention/resolution.

I think these will do for now – those would be huge steps in and of themselves and would take at least a decade to fully implement, but I believe they would certainly benefit the US (+ its image) and the rest of the world.

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I would stress the love I have for this country, and the need to get along with the other side of the aisle. Mutual respect needs to be mutual.
I would also point out that I have the first female Vice President, and stress the fact that if I am assassinated, Vice President Gaga will assume office.

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I would announce that my administration was working closely with scientists to develop a device that when activated would make every single weapon on earth vanish… and that success was very close… and then I would run like hell for fear of being shot !

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