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What is the geekiest debate you have been drawn into having?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14635points) January 21st, 2013

I am watching a video of people arguing over whether Spider-man is actually effective at being a super hero. I realize that I have on occasion, debated the asinine, with embarrassing passion for my positions.

What dorky things do you find yourself arguing about?

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I know a ridiculous amount about Marvel Comics history and continuity. Many times in the past I’ve overheard discussions about Marvel characters that were full of misinformation. I often can’t resist wading into the discussion to make corrections. Then I leave, feeling like a goober.

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Linguistic debates are pretty geeky—about whether two words are truly synonyms, or if something truly is a tense or not…I remember in my Latin class debating someone about whether something was a dative of reference or a true indirect object… :)

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I agree with @DominicX Linguistics is prone to endless debates. Anything and everything seem to have various angles and hardly anything is strictly one way or the other. Whether prescriptive, descriptive, pragmatic…it’s all in my everyday. It’s a continuous feeling of just when you think you know all the answers, they change the questions!

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Which Neopet was the best of all Neopets. Oh childhood…

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Most of mine have been about whether or not a specific word really exists and/or if it means what people think it means. In Scrabble and in everyday life, people are always telling me I’ve made up a word, when I have not. Hmph. “Hewn”, “bauble”, “restive”, and “disgorged” come to mind. Geez, even the spellchecker doesn’t like “hewn”. Stupid spellchecker. Hmph, again.

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If you sat in a cylinder of Gillette Thick and Rich Foamy shaving cream, would you float or sink.

The debate continues to this day.

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A friend of mine insisted on arguing about how dirty the outside of the Millennium Falcon is, and how the dirt would burn off as they went into warp drive.

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Years ago, I was talking about the American Revolution vis-a-vis Britain’s very valid and defensible position—something that’s conveniently omitted from U.S. history books. A person in the group gave me an exasperated look and said, “Does it really matter?” Well, it might have mattered to me, a history buff, but I realized how geeky and boring I was being. Yes, I dropped the topic and moved on.

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