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Uh-oh. She's got 3 graduation tickets, but 4 parents. Now what?

Asked by Whattodo (101points) June 10th, 2008

How do you keep the peace in a split/blended family?

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get it fixed, get in contact with the organization, get the extra ticket, they’ll understand

problems are only there if you want them to be

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Invite the actual parents and a sibling/best friend. It’s the graduate’s day, not the parents’.
Failing that, tell the parents either they work it out amicably or just invite 3 friends – they can take pictures for the parents.

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I agree with wildflower. Bring only the actual parents. When I graduated I was in the same situation, and told my parents I only wanted them to go. I could careless about their spouses going, honestly.

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Or you could do what we did and check with friends to see if anyone has an extra they won’t be using. Chances are good that you will get the extra ticket.

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I vote for extra ticket from another graduate.

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Ask who ever is organizing for an extra ticket. I am sure they can spare an extra one. Or ask around and see if anyone has an extra ticket.

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Right before the graduation, stroll aimlessly around the parking lot smelling of patchouli and hold up one finger. Then say, I need a miracle… (go to the 30 second mark for a tutorial).

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Th extra ticket option is best, but if its not possible, just make sure to treat the pairs equally!!!!!! It’s either both steps or no steps.

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