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Self serving & trite I know, but may I keep this lurve score, for keeps?

Asked by ucme (45478points) January 24th, 2013

33333 I lurve it!

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He-he I gave you a great question I’m wicked

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Yeah, about the first & last time too, still…whatever floats ya boat!

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(too late) You would have to stop using this account and start over with a new user name.

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Did you at least take a screenshot? I missed the ‘33333’ moment.

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Missed it! Looking out for 44444.

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Yeah if only I had 1 now, it would be 1111!!!!!!!!!

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Pity that a BQ doesn’t subtracts 3 lurve…..~

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@Bellatrix Unfortunately not, some bloody spoilsport ruined it, could’ve at least waited until the thread “grew some legs” but hey, twas nice while it lasted.
@rebbel Now there’s a good idea, could act as insurance…if only.

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@ucme Yeah, but eventually people would “max out” on the antilurve they could give you… you’d have to make sure you always have a ratio of “new people who like your questions”:“new people who don’t like your questions” that remains around 1.

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Now I guess you’ve gotta wait for 34567….

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Uh, no. Start over.

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When you get to 66666 we’ll give you a roast.

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@glacial I was thinking maybe just a one-off, nowt permanent.
@bookish1 I like your thinking, nice one :-)
@zensky Been considering that for a while now, this was more just for fun though.
@Coloma I won’t sit too close to the fire for fear of roasting my nuts.

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Do you celebrate the turning over of your odometer in your car too? A little hurrah for the special numbers? They won’t stop for you either.

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Yes, a roast in hell replete with a pedicure to pamper your cloven hooves. ;-)

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@Coloma You take care of his hooves, I’ll wax his horns.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Do we get to wear sexy little red satin she devil costumes?

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Is there going to be any tentacle whipping???

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@bookish1 Oooh kinky, reminds of the poor Octopussy that was sushied up on a sushi documentary I watched last night. It was alive when it was filleted. :-(

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@Sunny2 I did say it was trite, kind of a hint to it’s intent, namely a bit of fluff.
@TheDirtyBuggers Sounds like a plan to these ears…I mean horns!

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Oh no, your larva3z has been RUINED.

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^^^Translation anyone?

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@Symbeline Aye hundastand where ya cuming from pet & yer right…bloody ruined it is!

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ah s33 wut j00 did tharZ

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Ya’ll start wrietin gud englush or I’ma gonna flag ur a$$e$!

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^^ flagd 4 beeng meen

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j00 t3ll ‘im, gurlee

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Cheeeeeers pholks, goooood stuph man like la.

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@Coloma : Poor octopussy. That’s revolting :(

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It be devulvulad into a engrish match.

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u m33n n0 u

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@rojo I hope that was worth it, I really do…amazingly I suspect it was.
Feckin eejits!

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And yet, I have been proven to be correct. Even a broken clock is right a couple of times a day. Well, an analog one anyway.

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It’d moved before you answered, but anyway…

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