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What would you do if your man cheated on you and lied about it?

Asked by redellbabymomma (92points) January 29th, 2013

My old boyfriend had cheated on me with another woman. He swore that he didnt do it. So i checked his cell one day when it beeped and he was in the shower. So it said it was from a girl named Brittany and it said i had a great time in bed last night. I asked him what she was talking about and he said that was a inside joke with his sister. So the next day i decided to talk to his sister and she gave me some shocking news. She said that he had a baby on the way and was getting engaged with her! what would you do in this situation??

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I’d be so glad I had escaped a life of misery. (That this other girl is going to have by the way with him).

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@Shippy good point but the thing is i cant get over him!

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Yep. I’d thank my lucky stars, that’s for damn sure.

Heartbreak happens. You get over it. Fortunately, the human animal rarely mates for life.

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@redellbabymomma Well keep imagining him continually lying? Imagine your continued fear of what he was up to, when he might leave. Does that help?

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Uh…dump him and move on, obviously.

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I’d tell him to go be with baby mama, be a good daddy and have a nice life.

Then I’d go do whatever or whomever I felt like doing, moving on. You get over the last one a lot quicker with a new one, trust.

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Oh, and get an STD test.

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There’s a couple of issues here. Suppose you do forgive him. What are the chances he’ll want to be with you instead of her? Especially if she has his baby?

If he’s like most men (living in fantasy world), he’ll want you both. Can you take that? Because if you can’t take that, I am pretty sure there is no chance you will have him alone. She will have a baby with him. He may want nothing to do with the baby, but do you want to be with a man who wants nothing to do with his child? What are the chances he will do the same thing to you? I’d say they are pretty good.

But you do have your feelings. So let’s say you decide it’s best to give up on him. How do you get over your feelings? Let me tell you. It’s hard. It will take a long time. You will long for him. And it will be all the harder because you still want him and he will want you, because men who fool around always want more than one woman. Even if they can control themselves, the desire is always there.

Can you accept sharing him? That is the only way you can have him. He will share himself no matter what he says he is doing. So you have to accept that behavior if you want him. Is it worth it? And there will be other women, too. Over the years, he will go after each one that is interested. Can you accept that? Because that’s the reality.

If you can’t accept it, you have to make yourself break up with him and stay away from him. If you go near him, there’s a good chance he will make you give in. He’ll say all the right words; make all the right promises; and you will want to believe him, and you will give in. I’ll bet this has already happened before. Take a look at the pattern. Do you want to continue it?

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i cant get over him Why the hell not? What a loser. Move on, focus on yourself, and someday find someone who respects you.

Hang on. Is the the same pregnant friend and loser guy that you’ve been asking all of these questions about? If so, you’ve got way too much drama going on. You need a better class of friends. Focus on your education, be good at your job, develop a career, quit mucking about in all of this tawdry relationship crap. In spite of reality tv tripe, drama doesn’t make you interesting, it makes you annoying.

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Dump him. He lies and cheats. He got someone pregnant! All the while sleeping with you.

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@syz Hey, just because a person is a giant jerk, it doesn’t mean one can just get over somebody. If only that was the way it works, it would sure be easy.

Anyway. But there isn’t really much to do here. You fell for the bad guy, that happens. I know it sucks right now and you’re probably heartbroken, but these are the things that unfortunately happens in life.
Be mad at him, you have every right. And feel sorry for yourself a little and then move on.

What would I do? Kick him in the nuts.

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I hate drama.

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If I had my way, he would be singing soprano in the Vienna Boys choir.

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