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Why am I eating so much coal (the fossil fuel) I,m 32 weeks pregnant?

Asked by claire13 (11points) February 3rd, 2013

hi all im a 28 year old 32 week pregnant lady (this is my 3rd pregnancy) i am one of the people that just can not seem to quench my desire to eat coal (the fossil fuel) ive ate approximately 30 pieces in the last few weeks i had the same craving with my other son who is just about to turn 8,with my daughter it was sandstone.
Any answers as to why i could be doing this will be very much appreciated,thankyou

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You should tell your doctor. It’s usually a symptom of iron deficiency and will need to be investigated.

Also try not to eat coal as its really really bad for you.

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This might give you some hints about treatment:


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You silly fuel ;¬}

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You could also visit a nutritionist (not a dietitian). These people are better trained than a doctor to help you resolve missing nutrients in your diet.

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