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Could one of the reasons fewer veterans contribute to threads is because of annoying newbie trolls?

Asked by zensky (13357points) February 5th, 2013

I ask this because I notice that a lot of time and energy are expended on debating ridiculous issues to death brought up by the same old newbie trolls, probably the same person. This can be exhausting and off-putting, especially for those who have been here for years and just want to ask a question and get a response, or, because we are a community, meet and greet with old friends.

I think it’s time I get a troll-zapper to help Lisa out.

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Are you asking if veterans do not contribute to threads in general because newbie trolls post annoying questions? Or are you asking if they they do not post at all because of threads like that?

As I see it people can move on to ask a question and leave a thread, or look at new questions and post. It seems some choose to stay on the thread. I am not sure why to be honest as it appears that that thread is going nowhere. Some people like drama I guess for dramas sake.

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Part of the reason for answering the annoying question is because we are at heart a trusting lot, and we don’t know at first that we’re being trolled. After a while, we stick around to see the results of the car crash.

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The current troll over in Meta is very off-putting. Sigh :/

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Define veteran

Also @zensky I’ve been gone a long time, and yet you still have the same name. What happened to your pattern of resetting?

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Who is it, what questions???

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