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Has your spelling, grammar and critical thinking improved since you joined Fluther?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) February 5th, 2013

I think my critical thinking has improved a lot, my spelling just slightly, and my grammar, just a tad!

But more importantly has it taught you anything you didn’t know before? Like how to manage debate in a group? Or how to make a clear point? I have learned so much about topics I knew little of before. I have also questioned things like my morals, my values and boundaries. So it has also taught me a lot about me.

What have you learned from being a contributor on Fluther?

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Great question.

Spelling and grammar, no in fact I am horrid at rereading and editing my post for readibilty til I swing back around and by then no edits.

Critical thinking; somewhat. It is interesting to see various responses and how they arrived at that conclusion. Whether or not I agree.

I have learned much about myself in answering a myriad of questions. Or just reading other posts and which resonants the clearest to me.

I also have learned a host of odd facts and salient points on various matters as well as meeting or observing a multitude of people how they interact and what ever other observations I can make on them.

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Yes, I have been improving my grammar, punctuation skills, and vocabulary since I joined Fluther. It also helps me a lot as far as proper usage of words is concerned.

It basically teaches me how to write and how to ask a question without being edited. I enjoy Fluthering a lot. Fluther search also provides me a good option. When I search any word, I get to know how it can be used in a way it should be understood to the people easily.

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I was most active on Fluther when I was 16 and taking pre-tertiary classes for the first time. Discussions on here actually helped me a lot in school, especially in class discussions in my religion and philosophy subject. My spelling and grammar was already fine if I do say so myself, but yes I’d definitely say that my critical thinking, discussion and argument skills were improved thanks to Fluther alongside my schooling.

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My critical thinking and debate/discussion skills have definitely been honed here. And just being exposed to so many viewpoints has expanded my world view.

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I don’t feel that my grammar and spelling really needed much improvement, but I do think that my critical thinking skills and some of my viewpoints have changed somewhat. I also think that being here has helped improve my ability to disagree without turning into Super Bitch every time.

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@Shippy: “What have you learned from being a contributor on Fluther?”

I’ve learned that I need to proofread my comments before hitting submit. I’ll often rework the latter part of a sentence and leave the rest, resulting in a horrible mess.
I’ve also learned that I can’t write very well. There are many people here who use have an actual, functioning vocabulary, and are able to use it to communicate precisely what they mean. I fumble around with the 50 words I know, and hope that people will understand what I’m getting at.

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I’m just a few days in so it’s too soon for me to evaluate progress. However, those are my reasons for joining so I hope to improve in all those areas. I’m already impressed with the quality of the discussions and the community.

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I just took a grammar test and was not impressed with my own results. That was purely academic though, so to me it’s of no consequence whether I did okay or not. As long as people can understand me, I guess it shouldn’t be a big deal – although I was kind of disappointed. I already know how to put things across. How to present them is not a problem for me as an individual but how other people perceive what I say as being a clear point or not is a different matter. I know what I’m talking about. But do they?
I recently posted in a thread where someone looked too much into something I put as an answer – so really I think perception on the reader’s part is really more important.
You can put something down in plain English that is meant to be taken on face value, but along comes the next Shakespeare-crossed-with-Einstein hybrid who decides that your logic must dictate something else completely opposite to the point you were trying to make __even though it’s in plain frigging English__. FRUSTRATION!!

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@SamandMax Never mind, most the people that complain about the grammar, don’t read the question. I know as they don’t answer it. loll.

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Ugh! I finally won the Perfecto Fish award

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OMG! You perfectionist!

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I learned that the phrase “beg the question” did not mean what I thought it meant.

And lots of other things too, of course.

Good question, @Shippy!

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@glacial to beg the question? I sense a story here.

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@rosehips Not really; it’s just one of those phrases that (although I didn’t use it often) I always misused without realizing it. There are a few knowledgeable jellies who always take a moment to point it out when they see this happen.

Here’s a quick and dirty explanation of what the phrase actually means, and how a lot of people misuse it.

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It is easy to check you spelling online, and less embarrassing if you do it beforehand.

English grammar has its’ own set of rules and only a few are privy to them.

You should not post when you are tired. (What have I learned, not what I have practiced).

Just because you have read and re-read your post doesn’t mean you have not glossed over some glaring mistake.

There is always someone out there smarter than you or who has fresher ideas or a way of looking at something that will surprise you.

Never get on ebay drunk. No wait, wrong thread.

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