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Did you ever want to make a Youtube video?

Asked by burntbonez (5197points) February 6th, 2013

I was at a friend’s house last night, and their kids showed me some videos of acapella cover bands. One was one guy who does every part of the band using only his voice. Another was of a five person group who does a lot of acapella stuff but also had one video where all five of them played the same guitar, and another where they made and played cigar box guitars.

I guess they seem pretty professional. I wish I could remember their names. Maybe you have to be professional to do well on the internet.

But it seems to me there are these videos going viral all the time, and maybe they are amateur. Maybe not.

Did you ever think of making a video in hopes of furthering your career? Or is it beyond you to make a video of good enough quality to make it on the internet? If you have made a video, or want to make one, what is it about?

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I’m still hoping to get my son’s video to go viral and end up on television. He made it to Peruvian television, but all that got me was a copyright suit with Youtube (which I won. Stuff it, TV America Peru!)

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Totally, awesome question. I have no idea what about as of yet. But I am sure the ideas will come to me. Once I have my piece of paper for my profession I might just do that :)

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I think about it, but only b/c I see people making stupid money. If there were no money, I would have no interest.

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Any videos I’ve ever put on youtube were videos of various sea life I’ve kept. A few of them became surprisingly popular. One of them is on the first page when you search peacock mantis shrimp and has something around 32k views.

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@burntbonez I’m guessing this is the video you are referring to:

In my experience, your level of professionalism has little to do with the success of your video(s). What seems to be more important is who you know that can help spread the word, and/or your ability to market or publicize your video.

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