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What web video series do you watch? Why?

Asked by shadling21 (6501points) March 21st, 2009

Are you a lonelygirl15 fanatic? The Guild? Name the shows you love.
How did you get hooked?

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tales of mere existence
i don’t even remember getting hooked, but i definitely have. they are all so straightforward and his voice is so monotone, so it’s impossible to not take everything as it’s spoken. i love it.

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Oh, cool. Never heard of this one… It’s funny!

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If you’ve ever watched “Arrested Development”, check out “Break a Leg”. It is a web series that is based on it, and it is pretty funny…

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The Guild (totally awesome show)
and Diggnation.

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The Guild, superbs. Jake and Amir a little odd to get into but spectacularly funny once you get into their characters.

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@artificialard – I checked out Jake and Amir a while back, and I wasn’t that impressed. But the new episodes are awesome!

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@shadling21 Yeah I know! If you watch one or two it looks like the typical YouTube bro-humor drivel but if you keep watching them you see the little nuances of continuity completely left-field character traits that make it such a neat series.

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