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Remember a (probably forgettable) movie with the line "A Napier baby?" at the end?

Asked by Jeruba (45935points) February 6th, 2013

This has been bugging me for a week, so I’ll ask finally.

• I saw the movie a long time ago, probably in the theater.

• It could have been in the sixties, with a then-young audience in mind. My guess is that it was a pretty bad movie, probably without any notable actors in it.

• I may not have been clear-headed when I saw it.

• My vague recollection of the storyline is some sort of a romance between a charming but irresponsible hippie-type guy and a young woman who is torn between him and a much more suitable-seeming young man. She has fun rebelling with the hippie, to the consternation of her family.

• I believe the suitable suitor is named Napier.

• My only semi-clear recollection is that at the end of the story, some time after the two have parted, they meet again—in a park?—and she is pushing a baby carriage. He glances in and asks:

“A Napier baby?”

She nods and replies, “A Napier baby.”

Then they both laugh, and the movie ends.

• I don’t want to see it again. I just want to scratch this “what is it?” itch and make it go away.

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Aaahh…I so want to research the correct answer right now and claim the prize but darn, gotta work! Lol.

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Could it be Morgan! AKA Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment?

It’s a 1966 movie, there is a character named Napier in it, and I found this quote from it, “Do you really want little Napiers growing inside you?”

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Oh, dear. I’m afraid it might be. The time (1966) is right, I have a dim sense of recognition of the title, and the storyline is just cuckoo enough that I can believe I remembered it as I did. Actually, from the summary I found in Wikipedia, it sounds a good bit worse than I even thought possible. And with Vanessa Redgrave, yet.

At least I was probably easily enough entertained just at the time. I doubt that I was of a mind to look for logic, coherence, or literary merit in it.

How in the world did you find this?

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I went to IMDb (which is a gold mine of movie info), typed “Napier” into the search bar, and got quite a few hits. Then I narrowed the search to “characters”, which weeded out actors named Napier and titles that were close to Napier, and started investigating in earnest. Scanning through the movies which had characters named Napier, I looked for ones in the right time period and clicked over to the page for each of those movies. When I saw the kookie story line for this one, I dug a little further. The quote sealed the deal. :)

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