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My friend is being mean?

Asked by 2034100727 (3points) February 13th, 2013

My best friend is so mean to me! She is so loud and never listens to me. For school I typed up a script for class. She basically screamed at me telling me that it was HER job and that I always do everything for our class plays.
She always calls me miss goody two shoes and says that i am too, good! She is so bossy, but no one in my class notices! Ony like One person!
And my friend always says i am so sensitive, when she freaked out over a stupid gum wrapper! It ripped, and she said that she was making something with it. She tod me that she needed a break from me after that happened! Yeah, I am SOsensitive! Geesh! My Friend nowbasically ignores me! I tried talking to her about it, but she said that she is perfectly fine, and that i am so sensitive! We have know eachother for about 6 years, but even though we have, I WANT TO END OUR FRIENDSHIP! She thinks that she is amazing and smart, but she is not! She has to get her way, or else she will freak! She calls me annoying like every second! I have a real best friend that i talk to alot.
Her locker is right near my homeroom classroom, so we get to talk alot. My other friend tries to pull me away, and always says i talk to her too much! She is trying to make me have no friends, and also she doesnt even tak to me! She only does when I am trying to talk to my other friend! She is so jealous! She tries to act cool, but no offense to her, but she isnt really. She is just loud.
There was a girl last year that was mean to my bestest friend, and she is actually nicer than my friend (the mean one). She saw me trying to talk to my mean friend, and she asked what was wrong. I told her, and she told me that she thinks that she is mean too! She told me that she told her to shut-up right to her face! I dont know how, but everyone always thinks that my mean friend is SUPER nice! She is soooooo not! I just dont get it!
Maybe since we’ve know eachother that long, and she decided to treat me bad because she wanted to. She just says and dos what she thinks. Its so hard to have a friend that treats you jerky. I wish she would leave, or move! But i just doont know how to explain how mean she has been to me. I need help! How can i tell her that i want to end our friendship?
Or even any ideas to help it?

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Perhaps she is indeed being mean. I council patience. The Mods may not be so patient however.

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Why do you need to say it? Just start hanging out with her less and less if you don’t want to cut it off in one motion. This girl is not your friend. Friends aren’t mean to each other.
She seems to be using you as a doormat.

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I’m not clear about this question. If I don’t want to continue a friendship I end it. Why do you need her to move or anything?

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Just don’t call her and only talk to her at school when it is imperative. I would not tell her you are ending the friendship. i would just do it. If she tries to pull you away from your true best friend, just tell her no I am busy right now.

You are not too sensitive. She is too rude.

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Yeah, she’s not your friend kiddo, she is just a bitch.

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