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Does anybody know some good and safe hotels or guesthouses in Capetown?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16352points) February 13th, 2013

I am going to Capetown 27th Feb. Any ideas about where I should stay? I am then flying home to Australia.Yay. I will be in Capetown about 10 days and the reason is to have jaw surgery which I have badly needed. I am going to Australia on March 13. Any help will be much appreciated (for example) bedsits, best place, etc. I have been reading all this Pistorius stuff and now I’m scared! (The crime rate). I will be by myself. I have been to Durban and it didn’t seem scary. Thanks!

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What neighborhood is your doctor or hospital where you’ll have the surgery?

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Lonely Planet doesn’t provide advice?

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Cape Town is very much a hospitality city so there are tons of hotels, boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts. Perhaps ask your doctors surgery for some tips of good places for recovery near his practice. The crime rate is slightly lower in CT than Durban for example. Basic rules are:

Car doors always locked windows up
Be aware at traffic lights or stop streets (if driving)
No after dark walking alone, stick to busier areas
If you are on foot anywhere take as little as you can in your purse.
Safety in numbers
If using taxi services use well known taxi car vehicles (not minibus taxis)
If in a bed and breakfast lock away valuables
I’d also advise keeping windows closed in your hotel of choice, but most hotels provide reasonable security services. Bed and breakfast less so.

If you survived Durban, CT will be a breeze! And you will probably fall in love with it and relocate there!

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@Shippy has a great suggestion of contacting you doctor and asking about a nearby place to recuperate. They will know the area best.

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I did a bit of searching for some web sites:

Try here


And here

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@Hawaii_Jake you are particularly awesome but you know that.

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