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What are the 2 most fattening foods/snacks out there?

Asked by Aster (18187points) February 18th, 2013

I am hooked on salted pistachio nuts. I have no interest in ice cream or most candies but admit to loving guacamole and chips. I think cake is the most fattening snack; what do you think wins the prize?

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Depends on portion and ingredients. If you eat a one-ounce cube of hard cheese, you ingest fewer calories than if you scarfed ½ a pound.

Salad loaded with bacon, dressing, croutons, cheese and salt is a different ketttle of fish from salad dressed in vinegar and herbs.

A sliver of cake is different from eating half of it.

Some of the double bacon-cheese burgers with mayo dressing at the fast food chains will sink you like a ship. The exact amount of calories does vary.

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Portion control is vital.

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Full cream ice cream. Donuts. Anything with lots of fat.

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Poutine, the Canadian favorite. French fries, gravy, cheese. I wonder who invented it.

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^^^Some partially frozen trapper who needed a giant infusion of calories in a big hurry.

Again, having a T. is different from eating an enormous serving.

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It’s really a matter of how much you eat. Some snacks (like unsalted, unbuttered popcorn) are healthier than others, but of course if you gorge on any of them you’re taking in lots of calories. Conversely, even a very fattening snack like ice cream is okay if you have a small amount and then take a walk or a jog.

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Pork rinds smothered in nacho cheese sauce?

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Halvah is pretty high up there, I think, calorie-wise.

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I know a professional dog sledder who dips all his food in seal fat when he is out on the trail. After doing the research, though, seal fat isn’t full of the normal bad animal fats you would expect. In fact, it’s all the good stuff. Like a combination of fish oils and olive oil.

Here are some goodies:,0,5926017.photogallery

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@cazzie Thanks for the reference. After initially making me hungry, by the 40th or so state, I felt stuffed myself.

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Lard covered in high-fructose corn syrup.

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(1) A stick of butter, dipped in chocolate and rolled in chopped nuts.

(2) A hunk of chocolate, coated with butter and rolled in chopped nuts.

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