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When you go on a road trip, what snacks do you like to pack?

Asked by Kardamom (31104points) July 6th, 2014

Maybe you’re a junk food junkie, maybe you’re a health food nut, maybe you go in for energy drinks, or maybe you like to pull through the Starbucks and get yourself a frappuchino and a croissant before heading out onto the open road.

What do you guys like to snack on if you’re going on a road trip?

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Plenty of cold water, and a thermos of coffee, as for a snack I usually like to stop on the road and get whatever.

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Water, deli meat, and beef jerky. With my dad we purchased a large box of KFC fries and a large gravy and ate them while driving.

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I would often get a bag of chips or a bag of nuts—usually accompanied by candy. So the junk food route for me :P

Sometimes there might be grapes or cherries or something, but candy and chips usually won out :P

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Last trip I brought a banana, cut watermelon and cantaloupe, a bag of bagel chips, and the mini hummus packages. We also had a 12 of bottled water. Truth is I don’t remember eating any of it in the car, possibly we did have a few pieces of fruit. Mostly, I brought it along to have it when we arrived at our destination. We rarely eat in the car. We also think it is important to stop, get out, walk around, relax, so we usually eat during a stop. That was a 12 hour trip and we were staying one night getting there, three night at the place, and one night getting back. It really depends on the trip. We just did a 4 hour road trip and only brought a bottle of water.

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Licorice. Chewy granola bars. Crackers (like Cheezits, Gold fish). Fruit gummies. Pretzel snacks. Something soft baked like cookies, pastry, or cake.

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All I need for the drive is caffeine in the form of coffee or iced tea, some water and a packet of Tic Tacs. We stop for meals.

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Packet of Tic Tacs, @jonsblond?

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Trail mix with just nuts an maybe raisins, and chewing gum. Water, and a Tall Triple Non-fat Latte.

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The road trips that I usually go on involve my best friend, who is almost exactly like me without the emotional outbursts, so for us, I’ll pack trail mix with nuts and dried fruit, and possibly some fruit-filled whole grain cookies from Trader Joes and lots of unsweetened iced tea. We usually travel with two friends who would never consider (or even know about) healthy foods, for them I’ll usually pack some salty chips, cookies and sodas. The last trip we went on together, was from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. We ate some of the snacks and then stopped at Del Taco along the way. As long as you know your audience, things usually work out pretty well. No chance that either of the other two friends would have eaten all of the trail mix (or even touched it).

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Nuts, water, the occasional stop at Starbucks for tea.

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water,pop,Combos, maybe some chocolate

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I like to bring cold water and granola bars.

If my wife’s packing, you’ll also find fruit, goldfish crackers, biscotti, mini quiche, bagel pizza, carrot sticks and hummus, etc.

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Beef jerky, peanuts, chocolate chip cookies, chips, combos and either Mountain Dew or Pepsi.

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When the kids were little I packed fruits and ham sandwich fixins and chips. We didn’t have the money for fast food, so I had to pack it all with me (cause we got a boatload of foodstamps!)
One memorial 3 day weekend I budgeted for ONE meal out. We had gone to Missouri. For the rest, I packed in friend chicken and baked beans and potato salad, Cheerios, milk, cheese stix, yogurt. ....

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@Dutchess_III reminds me of how my mom did it back in the day. Thank you for a good memory spark.

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Road trip tomorrow.

3 kinds a licorice, 2 boxes fresh baked cookies, a box of cheese-n-chive crackers, a box of Cheese-its, Tic-Tacs, and a candy.

Did I miss a major food group?

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Just all of them @ibstubro!

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@ibstubro Are these the Cheese and Chive Crackers to which you refer? I have some of those in my cupboard and I usually tote a pack around in my purse just in case I get hungry.

I also like These.

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Chips, crackers, cookies. Don’t you get crumbs everywhere?

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@JLeslie Ah, crumbs. This is why I never bring These into my car, even though I love them and had one for breakfast this morning.

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Licorice is the foundation of the Food Pyramid, @Dutchess_III. That’s why I included 3 kinds and flavors.

Yes, @Kardamom. I’ve taken to carrying them in the car, and I like the ones from the Dollar Tree, as there are only 4 sets to a package (instead of 6).

I had soft cookies and small crackers, so the mess was minimal, @JLeslie.

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Licorice is like eating colored plastic!

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I have not eaten colored plastic. I imagine it would be similar to Knox Blocks, only warmer.

Nothing beats a nice licorice whip.

Look for Switzer’s Green Apple licorice at The Dollar Tree, currently. Not one near me, though…I bought it all.

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@ibstubro Yes, Dollar Tree is the place to go for Lance’s snacks!

I used to love licorice, until I read the label on Twizzlers. I probably haven’t eaten any in 15 years.

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Nothing in those ingredients that aren’t found in most other foods.

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@Dutchess_III Uh, not most of the things that I eat.

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I have read the ingredients on Twizzlers and I was not repulsed. There are some brands that taste floury to me, but not Twizzlers or Switzer’s.

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@ibstubro I remember going to Saturday afternoon matinees in the summertime, to see such classics as The Shaggy Dog and That Darned Cat. My best friend and I would always get licorice and drink our 7-up with our licorice straws. Ah, the memories.

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Jr. Mints and Sweet Tarts.

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The windshield and radiator of my car catch all kinds of airborne snacks for me, depending on where I am.

One time when we was drivin’ through Yosemite we just happened to run into some hood-grilled venison! ;-D

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When a bug hit our windshield and splatted my dad would always say “Bet he doesn’t have the guts to do that again!”

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LOL @Dutchess_III and @Brian1946! That’s awesome!

I discovered that long hours of sitting made me tend toward constipation. Therefore my snacks include lots of water and high fiber foods. It’s no fun to go on a long trip and be in pain when you finally get there!

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