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A treadmill or elliptical? Which one is the better one to lose weight and burn calories?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 11th, 2008 from iPhone

I’ll get one of those two..

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Elliptical is easier to stay on for a longer time, IMO. I find treadmill boring, elliptical can actually be fun and i believe you do burn more calories in a shorter time (as compared to treadmill) with an elliptical.

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I’d say elliptical. That’s what I use and in two weeks, I’ve lost 7 pounds and about 2% body fat. I’m a small guy already so its no like I have a lot to lose anyways. Before I weighed about 130 and was at about 12% body fat. Now I’m down to 123 pounds and about 9–10% body fat. Plus I can run longer on an elliptical because there isn’t the pounding of my feet and knees on the machine. I can run about two miles on a treadmill and over seven on an elliptical. .

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yeah I’ve been thinking in the elliptical because my knees hurts sometimes, but just wanted to make sure, thank you

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Both are great for using as a clothes rack (cracking myself up)!

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I’m old fashion, to me the best is the treadmill, especially if the one you use has an incline. The eliptical is good cause you move your arms more, but I found I burn the same calories in a shorter time by running, but Pnl is right it gets boring so you might want to do both. My self shen I get bored if the tread I run on the track or park.

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For me the elliptical is low impact so I can go longer, and not hurt my knees which have like almost no cartilage left.

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Elliptical, all the way. You actually have the option of variation in workout style (cardio, strength, etc.), which keeps things more interesting, IMO. Also, it’s nicer on your joints.

If you have access to an arc trainer though, I’d go that route. It kicks some major butt.
(no pun intended)

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