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I inherited money, but will I ever get it?

Asked by imgr8 (429points) March 9th, 2013

My great grandmother died about a year and a half ago and left me 10k. My grandma has control of the money. I was told that I would get it when I turned 19, which was a few months ago.
Now the new story is that, “I’ll get it when I can prove that I’m responsible”. Well that seems perfectly reasonable, Except that I am responsible! I’m not going to go blow it on drugs or something for goodness sake.
Its not that I even need it now, I just want to have access to it, and I’m worried I’ll never see it.
I am completely self sufficient, I have lived on my own since 16, I have a full time job as a receptionist at a doctors office and I also go to school. I pay my rent, my phone bill, my credit card bill and buy my own clothes and groceries. I’m certainly not a child and I don’t see how my grandma would know whether or not I’m responsible anyways as I see her about once a year…Is there anything I can do?

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It all depends on how things were legally written.

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I honestly have no idea, Its all very secretive for some reason.. It took me months to even find out how much it was. Gosh, I was hoping for millions with the work they went to hiding it!

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You can check with the probate court in your area and get a copy of the will. It is a matter of public record. Here is some information about probating a will that may help you. Probate court has to inform all debtors and anyone that is due money from a will.
Laws may be different in each state, but a will has to be made public record.

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If the will has been probated. then you can see if your great grandmother left it to you with conditions. If not, have an attorney contact your grandmother (or whoever the Executor is) and ask for your money.

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The lawyers who probate the will are responsible for distributing the moneys to the heirs.

Who exactly is telling you that ”“I’ll get it when I can prove that I’m responsible”? That is illegal; if your family stonewalls you, hire a lawyer for an hour or two.

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Unless there’s an age for you written into the will (something like “held in trust until so-and-so turns 25 years old”) and you haven’t reached that age, I don’t see how they can legally keep this money from you. Track down that will, and get a lawyer involved if you need to.

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Maybe it’s a trick… The task of pursuing your money… It’s a test from granny to prove you are responsible. Ewww like a spooky movie adventure thriller where you find a one eyed lawyer directing you on a dangerous scavenger hunt across the nation. Only to discover the one eyed lawyer IS YOUR GRANNY!

Sneaky old bird probably has millions stashed away just waiting for you. Go get it son!

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